Tiiiiiime is on my side (yes it is)

Tiiiiiime is on my side (yes it is)

purple and blue
Heeeeeeey. My caseload at work has dropped down so much in the past week that I only have one patient to see today, so I slept in until the leisurely hour of 8 and now I’m taking my sweet ass time before I go into work today. Why not?

buggy glasses
This was a horrible movie from 1971 that I watched recently, but I LOVE those sunglasses. I used to have sunglasses like those, back in the Drunkity Drunk days. One of the arms broke off, but I kept them anyway because maybe someday I’ll be able to fix them? Dreams.

the Christmas tree
It’s our Christmas tree! Only 39 bucks this year–thanks, Fred Meyer. Of course it immediately started shedding needles, but ne’er mind that, it smells great. The tree is a very important component of Christmas to me. So far Joshy and I have purchased 50% of the fam’s Christmas presents this year. I actually went to Walgreens yesterday and made one of those cheesy cards on their computer to send out for our Christmas cards–30 bucks for 15! I was surprised at the price. I don’t think that even includes envelopes.

What’s new with you, blogreader? Are you ready for Christmas? Are you enjoying the cold weather? Do you agree that Ugg boots are hideous but feel so, so right this time of year? Am I talking into a vacuum?

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  1. It is usually sunny and hot when it is Christmas in Brazil for we are having SUMMER down here. So, no UGG boots this season, thank God, buy ‘fuck yeah’ for CHRISTMAS TREES of all kinds. Check my blog to see the photos of ours.
    Merry X-mas, Liz and Josh :)

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