The shaaaade of it all

The shaaaade of it all

Hello hello hello! Welcome to episode 4 of Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the best reality show ever made. This episode is entitled “Shade: The Rusical” and is notable for a game show wherein the contestants have to guess if a close-up pic is of a “biological woman or a psychological woman” (my score was higher than the contestants–say twaaaaat?), a musical theater competition (Courtney Act and BenDeLaCreme dominated), and sadly, my eye candy April being eliminated at the end…it REAAAALLY should have been Trinity. Then again, Trinity pulled out all the stops for the lip sync, and that lip sync competition can make or break you!

Don’t forget to follow up each episode with 20 minutes of “Untucked“…this particular episode made me love Milk and Bianca even more! You never know what Milk is going to be wearing on the main stage, and every week she makes me laugh. BASIC QUEEN SHE IS NOT. And Bianca…I just want Bianca as a running commentary for my life, please? She’s hilarious. Needs her own show.

I just talked to my Broad, downed some sinus medication and am working my way through a giant cup of coffee, so I feel oddly optimistic. Why, I just might do a little Blogilates today*! It’s pouring rain outside and Maggie keeps glaring at me. Hey Maggie, I don’t cause the rain. Now leave Mommy alone and tend to that rawhide, eh?


* not likely

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    • Oh I’m so into Blogilates right now. In fact, despite my cold, I just chugged some Emergen-C and did 45 minutes of it! PAIN AGONY! Beats the hell out of the wussy “pilates for pregnant ladies” I used to half-ass my way through. I even signed up for her newsletter and started the march calendar…until I got sick! We affectionately refer to her as “Cassey Ho Bags”. She makes me werrrrrk.

      THIS SEASON IS SO GOOD. Do you have a fave yet?

  1. I kinda love them all this season! Esp Milk 🙂

    I started doing blogilates 2 years ago, and haven’t stopped, which is cool! Makes me feel good. I tune out her diet advice tho, I’m anti low-fat anything. I think the “bikini blaster” series is my favorite of all.

    • Milk is so zany–reminds me of Raja. I’m a sucker for club kids.

      Two years! I believe it! Her videos are addictive. I love doing them with Josh because the most horrible noises come out of him. I can’t do BL every day though–it makes me hurt too much! And yeah, I don’t follow her “clean eating” plan either. We had Dick’s last night and it was all that I wanted it to be. 🙂

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