Hiking, a waterfall, and attempting fiction again

Hiking, a waterfall, and attempting fiction again

three on the trail
Sunday afternoon after an extremely pleasant trip to Trader Joe’s yielding THREE boxes of vegetable Masala burgers (mmmm) and other assorted goodies we drove to Bellevue to some delightful walking trails for a nice hike with the rogs in the sun.

the photographer lags behind
The weather on Saturday wasn’t so great. Josh went skiing and I mostly A.D.D.’d around the house for a while, culminating in about an hour and a half on the Latest Painting Project: Holly Woodlawn. Felt good to paint again!

happy hiking face
Happy hiking face! We had explored these particular trails before. It’s about a two-mile hike to a nice waterfall; two miles back to the car. Just enough of a hike, and not terribly steep. Although my shins are a little tender today.

rushing water
Plenty of “water features” (as my father would say) along the way. It was a popular day–everyone comes out of hibernation when the sun is shining.

Joshy strikes a pose
Look at this hipster.

sunbeams and spring growth
So invigorating.

lovely trail
When we returned home I set a goal for myself for fictional writing for one hour minimum…but I’ve been blogging for so long I’ve completely forgotten how to write fiction! I pulled out some how-to books to peruse in my “free time” (mwa ha ha). In the mean time I spent an hour writing about how I was having trouble writing…and about our hike. I changed the names, of course. Heh.

neon in nature
All I can say about those blue sweatpants is: seemed like a good idea at the time. Next time I’ll tryyyyy, just a little bit harderrrrr…to look attractive hiking? Sure, why not.

waterfall action
I limited my waterfall photography because there were people everywhere, and I always feel a bit odd photographing random strangers (unless I ask their permission first). You never know.

rogs on the rails
Happy furry animals!

This morning I woke up about an hour earlier, went to work earlier, and was therefore able to return home around 3 and take the pets for a gorgeous romp at the dog park. I had a nice phone tawk with my Broad at the park and right as I was taking the pets back to the car, who should show up but animal control! I felt like yelling “HA HA MY DOGS ARE ON THE LEASH TODAY” but why push my luck? It’s so satisfying to not break the law…every once in a while.

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  1. Ugh so I’m not the only one to ADD around the house? Add a bit of dementia and that’s me. My family are so used to me running full-pelt into a room then just standing there wondering why I’m there, that I’m sure they have a very twisted view of female adulthood. Put me on a two-mile hike and well, could be a long day ;). Bloody love ya darling! xoxoxo

    • Ughnf, the ADD is strong in this house! Josh and I both have it, but only one of us has been “officially” diagnosed (him) rather than self-diagnosed (me). Saving grace: to-do lists. What, oh what, would I do without em?

      Desiree–I would LOVE to see what you would wear hiking! The mind reels!

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