Wednesday Instagram Love

Wednesday Instagram Love

Oh vegetable Masala burgers from Trader Joe's, you treat me so right. Don't ever leave me.
It’s time for another edition of: Lizzy posts all of her Instagram photos in lieu of “real” photos but doesn’t feel too guilty about it blog posts. I had another looooooong day at work, somehow managed to not eat lunch–I wouldn’t say I “forgot”, because my stomach NEVER lets me forget, but I got too busy. By the time I finished work I was full-on Hangry, which is right around the time Christopher called me. Luckily, one of these faaaabulous Masala burgers from Trader Joe’s with a blob of plum sauce and a cackle-filled phone conversation with my favorite gay evened me all out again. No more hangry.

Latest obsession
While we’re on the topic of foodstuffs, I’ve just recently converted over to Chobani yogurt after being a Yoplait fan for years, mostly due to my mother always buying Yoplait. Unfortunately, Yoplait has slowly but surely removed all the best flavors and replaced them with the “light” yogurts, and I hate the taste of fake sugar in my food, so my quest for the perfect yogurt went on…until Chobani. Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt is pretty tasty too. Greek yogurt has more protein and less carbs than regular yogurt…my body likes that.

Our vacation is in a month, but my bikini arrived today. Hooray for this filter to give my "Seattle tan" some color!
And here’s that body. I ended up buying a bikini from Victoria’s Secret…not my first or even second choice (everything was sold out for spring break), but a cute little paisley number that I was terrified wouldn’t fit before I tried it on yesterday. I was so happy that it did fit I immediately snapped some pictures and then quickly posted them on Instagram before I could second-guess myself.

Fun mail today!
I don’t usually photograph my mail either but this was all good stuff: BUST magazine with Amy Schumer on the cover (love her), giant bottles of the shampoo and conditioner I now used to maintain my perm(s), and “Sweat Block”, which promises to eradicate my massive pit stains but I haven’t quite made up my mind whether or not it works. Sweat is still a problem for me, even at my advanced age and I’m tired of ruining shirt after shirt. Everyone’s solution is “natural deodorant! Just rub a crystal on yer pits, Liz!” but that stuff does NOTHING. I’m hoping a good dose of chemicals will dry up this endless moisture. Ew, moisture.

Bear Cub enjoying the sunshine at the dog park today.
Schnubs enjoying a sunny day at the dog park. I wish my mood wasn’t so dependent on whether or not the sun was shining but it iiiiiis!

The Edie painting I did back in 2008. The Sedgwick lawyer banned me from selling it on Etsy (!), but it's technically still for sale. The top and bottom border are holographic silver glitter. I would love to paint her again!
Remember the Edie painting? I posted it on IG because I follow a few rabid Edie fans and I figured they would enjoy it. Christopher immediately texted me to remind me that EDIE WAS HIS and I agreed, as long as we do some form of exchange of goods for her. No cash? No problem. Crocheted grape clusters will do!

Current painting muse--and the only member of my Factory painting series still living. ❤️
Current muse: Holly Woodlawn. The painting itself is in very early stages and does not need to be posted quite yet. I’m looking forward to having some time this weekend to get crackin’ on her.

I’m looking forward to work slowing down a little, but staying busy is good for the savings account. Currently I’m having my late afternoon motivational coffee and waiting for Josh to come home so we can feast on curried chicken from Trader Joe’s over jasmine rice. “L.A. Story” just came in the mail–I’ve been obsessed with that film since I was a little kid and can’t wait to watch it again tonight! “I’ll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.” STOKED.

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  1. How the hell did I forget about LA Story? Sorted, stat. Crystal? Not in my pits thanks, I too prefer to napalm the shit out of that whole badness. You KNOW what I think of you in your new bikini!!! I’ve been eyeing up that yogurt too here in Australia, maybe they’re going for world domination. Hangry. Yes that is a word that describes The Stylist every two hours. Which probably has something to do with the fact that she’s on an endless growth spurt and is as tall as me. xoxoxox

    • Every 2 hours sounds about right for me as well…too bad I’m not going through a “growth spurt” for an excuse! SJP is undeniably adorable in “L.A. Story”…she makes me want BIG HAIR!

    • Ah ha nope apparently not. I haven’t even had time to read the magazine…just the Schumer article. I usually wait until my Saturday Elliptical trainer session to do my maggy reading! I have a new “Elle” that’s waiting for me too.

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