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Currently, my primary medium is acrylic paint on canvas. I enjoy incorporating unusual materials into each painting, such as metallic ink/pigments and craft glitter. I also paint/seal my own frames. If a painting is not framed, I paint the sides of the canvas. Paintings are always triple-sealed with a UV-resistant sealer.

I am heavily influenced by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, 1960β€²s poster art/psychedelic art, freaks, and fashion photography. I have always been inspired by illustrators, like Maurice Sendak. I often use photographs for reference.

Commission work:
I love commissions! But I don’t paint horses. Sorry, no horse paintings. Or monkeys. I hate monkeys.

e-mail: if you have questions.

Public displays:
Boise: “A Celebration of Women in the Arts” (2001), “Valentines for AIDS” (2002).

Seattle: “Art/Not Terminal Gallery” (2009), “The Last Supper Club” (solo show; 2010), “R.A.W. Artists” (June 2011, September 2011), “Populuxe Brewing” (solo show, 2013), Pound Art Studio (December 2014), R.A.W. Artists (June 2015),Β Pound Art Studio (December 2015).