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Kitty-themed party

Kitty-themed party

6th birthday cake

It’s Monday, blog! And BOY is it EVER. Whew. Here’s a little flashback to Saturday, when Josh and I went over to the Manse to celebrate Ronia’s 6th birthday. Brenna made the birthday cake herself. It features a portrait of their cat, “Joan Fluffy Socks” (I think). 

mouse munchies

The whole party was kitty-themed, right down to the snacks.

meow place settings

The table settings included balls of yarn, which would be utilized later on in a rousing cat-themed game.

at the whisker station

At the “Whisker Station”, the guests donned felt cat ears and Fleeta drew cat whiskers on cheeks with an eyeliner pencil.

R gets her whiskers

The birthday girl gets her whiskers. Brenna made Ronia’s dress (as well as a matching dress for her doll).

C gets her whiskers

Loved how all the little girls were still wearing summer dresses. Last Saturday was probably the last really nice sunny day we’ll have this year…if the weather forecast can be believed!

R and her cat drawing

Ronia shows off her cat drawing. I was torn between wanting to draw with the little girls or make grown-up conversation with the adults (I chose the latter).

P gets her whiskers

P. is a cutie.

whiskers please

So is this little girl. Love her curly hair!

victory dance with ball of yarn

Ronia’s victory dance at the end of the “game”, which involved pushing balls of yarn down the hallway as fast as possible…using your nose. Meow!

kitty adoption center

The kitten adoption was a big hit!

kitties at the table

Kittens at the table, preparing to feast.


Downstairs, Elliot was immersing himself into “Cricket” magazine. I liked this cover, so I took a picture.

the crowd

Smaller crowd this year.

song time

Brenna presents the cake and a song…

birthday song

Ronia makes a wish…

blowing out the candles

…and blows out her candles!

Josh and I had gone for an 8 mile run that morning…the longest run I’ve ever done in my life. I iced my feet afterwards, and had ZERO pain the next day. A September miracle! Then we went and gobbled all those calories back at Weinerschnitzel…mmmmmmm. I love their corn dogs.

Currently my in-laws are staying with us while Josh’s father helps him install a French drain in our backyard, which will (hopefully) keep the yard from retaining water and being completely soggy and awful from October through next spring, HOORAY! Maybe I’ll take some pictures of the drain-in-progress. Mayyyybe.

A visit from the parents

A visit from the parents

Hey kids! Here is my headless chest selfie, showing off the glitter lotion I recently purchased before heading over to Anthony’s for dinner with my parents.

Mermaid art on Whidbey Island.

My parents showed up Saturday afternoon, and we spent a nice relaxing several days together–eating eating eating, reading, watching “Seinfeld” re-runs and on Monday the three of us took a ferry over to Whidbey Island. Josh would have gone, but he didn’t take the day off from work like I did.

We drove up the length of Whidbey Island, checked out the little “downtown” area and had lunch and stopped at Deception Pass Park to stroll on the beach and snap a few pics.

I have more pictures that I took with my iphone, but for some reason when I e-mail them to myself I’m not receiving them. I really need to problem-solve that issue. At any rate, MORE TO COME if I can figure it out.

I had a nice visit with my parents–this was the first time they had seen our new house. They brought over grocery sacks stuffed with paperbacks for me to read, and lots and lots of old photographs, as it has been decided that I am the Photo Keeper of the family. We also had 31 Flavors together, an old family tradition. Mmmmmmm. Thank GOD they only temporarily took Chocolate Mousse Royale off the menu, it was back last night! Things would have gotten ugly!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

lights 3
Blawg! Merry Christmas. This will be my last entry for a while…I’m planning on taking a nice looooong* Christmas-inspired break from the ol’ blogeroo. Meanwhile, here are some pictures from our Snarfing Fast Food while Gazing at Fancy Christmas Lights Night, which included the dogs (in the back seat). I fed Maggie some whipped cream off the top of my chocolate shake, which for some reason completely disgusted Josh. Well geez I didn’t want to waste it.

lights 2
I’m really really really looking forward to having some time off from work to vegetate with family and not feel like I have to be doing 300 things all day long. It’s going to be great!

lights 1
Josh and I both had to work today to make up for taking time off next week. He’s currently out bicycling with his muncle and I just whipped up a big batch of sugar cookie dough for us to bake together later on. Maw.

blue lights
I even used my Kitchen Aid mixer, which I have probably used less than 5 times since we received it for a wedding gift back in 2008. I’m so used to hand-mixing everything that using the Kitchen Aid is always more of a hassle. Nevertheless, it makes a for cute photo op due to the obnoxious bubble gum pink hue so I took a self-portrait with the mixer and texted it to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (who were SHOCKED and APPALLED that I don’t use my Kitchen Aid more than I do). Like, daily or weekly. What can I say? Carbs are not my friend.

On the right hand side of this photo was my favorite light display–it simply says: DITTO with an arrow pointing to the neighbor’s lights. HA!

Merry Christmas, blog-logs! I hope the next week is filled with joy and relaxation and positive memories for you! I’ll be back at some point before 2015 for my year-end recap.


* A little over a week, TOPS.

Buy Nothing Today because it Feels Good

Buy Nothing Today because it Feels Good

Buy Nothing Day Poster
Hey everyone! Happy Buy Nothing Day 2014! I actually wore my Buy Nothing Day tee-shirt (that Josh and I made back in 2008) to work today, with a nice pair of black slacks and a black cable-knit 3/4-length sleeve cardigan and black leather mary janes…you know, to “class” it up. Not one person remarked on my tee-shirt but I told some of my co-workers about Buy Nothing Day and a few of them seemed interested.

Today after I got home from work after my phone conversation with my mother but before I packed down a plate full of Thanksgiving leftovers I put on my rain jacket (weather currently is cold rain about to turn into snow) and went next door to meet both sets of my neighbors on either side. You see, two days ago at midnight the cops were at our house again!* And it was time to meet the rest of my neighbors. Now I’m happy to say I have met face-to-face: the neighbors across the street from us, the neighbors next to them, the neighbors next to them, and as of this afternoon the neighbors on both sides of us. I just need to meet the neighbors behind us and I’ll feel better about life. And perhaps slightly more confident that the cops will stop showing up on our doorstep. Although I guess it’s good to know the police are so…attentive, right? Sigh.

Currently I’m chugging coffee and munching on Shirley’s amazing coconut-rice krispie-chocolate chip cookies and getting ready to help Joshy hang up some curtain rods. I’m planning to be back on this blog this weekend to discuss Thanksgiving and maybe offer up a few pictures too, who can say?

One thing is for sure: I won’t be buying anything today! How about you blog-log? Did you participate by not participating?


* I’m not in the mood to divulge details about this weirdness but if you know me IRL you know the story anyway.

Fairy party

Fairy party

birthday girl
Yesterday we attended little Ronia’s 5th birthday party. I’ll never forget seeing her for the first time, upon our return from Burning Man. She was the size of a tiny loaf of bread. Brenna made the dress she is wearing here.

Robot Elliot
Not to be outdone by the fairy-themed party, Elliot dressed himself in his DIY robot costume.

Josh, his maternal grandfather, and his pops. Doesn’t he look just like his grandfather?

The spread. I indulged in a single carrot stick and then on the way home requested frozen yogurt. I mean, you know, I TRY. Of course I looked at the calander today and realized my brother’s wedding is in less than two weeks, and do I really think I’m gonna lose weight in that amount of time? Probably just lose and gain the same three pounds.

fairy stair dancing
Ronia dances down the stairs.

The party was well-attended.

Who has this many friends at age five?

Ronia requested that I wear this outfit, so I complied. We all picked fairy names. Mine meant “golden-haired sea nymph”.

Brenna made these marshmallow-frosted cupcakes.

Oberon Jr.
Here’s “Oberon Jr.”.

Fairy Queen
Later on, Brenna changed into her Fairy Queen outfit to teach “Fairy School”.

fairies gather
This involved instructions on dancing and then hiding from humans.

fairies dance
The dancing was adorable.

Ronia flies
Siiiiigh, Ronia!

candle time
Birthday wish. Ronia scored–her actual birthday was on Friday, so we celebrated that day as well at her grandparents’ house with cake and presents.

making a wish
I hope all her wishes come true.

Present time! The other kids always want to “help”, I’ve noticed.

Ronia received a few puzzles. She must take after her Aunt Liz.

tutu love
Josh and I went to Petticoat Junction and we both picked her out a tutu–he picked a bright green “Tinkerbell”-type number, and I picked out this fabulous frothy lavender number with flower-shaped sequins, which just happened to match her fairy wings perfectly. Brenna texted me this morning: Guess what she wanted to wear today? with a picture of Ronia wearing my tutu again! I know that girl’s taste! It’s just like my own. Girly to the max.

It’s coming

It’s coming

snow pout

I noticed it a couple of days ago, but forgot about it easily enough. Then I was pretty sure I noticed it again yesterday, but decided that I was being ridiculous. Today, however, after a nice looooong walk at the park with the pets, there was simply no denying it any longer: that damn CRISP in the air that signifies the beginning of Fall. Dammit. It cannot be confused with a spring-like chill, nope, this chill is most definitely Fall-related, and I’m not ready for summer to be overrrrr! I realize that here in Seattle we have been incredibly spoiled this summer. Months of sweat, swamp coolers and popsicles and playing in the water and even (gasp) a brown lawn! STILL, I feel cheated. I mean, all good things must come to an end and yadda yadda but BOO I MISS YOU ALREADY SUMMER.

Just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for your time.

Sideway Stories from Wayside Couch

Sideway Stories from Wayside Couch

couch potato
Blog! Here we are again. This summer is flying by, and what do I have to show for it, hmmm? I had a Broad Date today and now my nails are a shiny lavender. Tonight’s dinner is pesto-smothered chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto. This weekend we are having a barbecue in our backyard…for the first time since…2010?!? Criminy! SEVEN WHOLE PEOPLE have RSVP’d, sheesh. Are we not fun? I ordered myself a “Fitbit” from Amazon to try out. I inhaled about 10,000 Newman’s Own ginger creme cookies today. My training for the 10K I had thought about signing up for next month is not going so well. Should I spend 1000 dollars on a Pilates Reformer machine? Just kidding! I wouldn’t do that. Just think of all the shoes I could buy for that amount of money. Mmm, shoooooes.