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Sexy shows and spring flowers

Sexy shows and spring flowers

I'm binge-watching "Sex and the City" during my breast-feeding marathon sessions. Most of Carrie's style I find hideous, but I did like this rainbow dress. 🌈
Happy Friday, blerg! Can you believe tomorrow is April already??! During my breastfeeding couch marathons, I’m working my way through “Sex and the City” (again). I started at Season 4 and watched it through to the end; now I’m back at Season 1. I hate 96% of Carrie’s outfits but this little rainbow dress was cuuuute. I also cried approximately 5 times while watching this show. Motherhood changes you. I am a total sap now.

I'd totally wear these grape earrings that Samantha has on in Season 6. πŸ‡
I also like these grape earrings Samantha is wearing near the end of Season 6.

Josh re-finished this table into a sexy shiny teal and aqua. πŸ’¦
Check out the sexy paint job that Josh did on this unfinished wooden table his parents dumped under our back patio. Maybe someday he’ll paint the unfinished chairs to match! Ooooh, ahhhh.

These just popped up in the front yard--periwinkles?
Dear Spring, I love you and all of your flowers and crisp sunny days. Hey, is that trash? Funny that I didn’t notice it while I was taking the picture.

Christina came by for a visit. πŸ’™
A week ago we had a visit from one of Josh’s co-workers. She brought M. a fun children’s book about dogs and a stuffed elephant, gave him lots of snuggles and then went on a house tour with us where she paid attention to ALL of the art (something that very few houseguests do–what a treat!).

Florals for homes? Into it! (thanks @jasoncampbellstudio) 🌸
Spotted on IG–spring florals for your home exterior? I’d do it.

I've started a new line of miniature dollhouse paintings! Each one comes with a tiny easel that I handpaint/hand-glitter. First up is Louise Brooks! Check out my Etsy shop for details, 🌟✨✨
It’s the first in my new line of miniature/dollhouse paintings! This was really fun to do. It’s for sale in my Etsy shop, HERE.

Currently reading for the first time. I know, it's a children's book...but it's about all my baby brain can handle at the moment. Geez the "Great Brain" sure is a hustler.
Found this in the bookcase and I’m giving it a spin. It’s a children’s book, but as it turns out my baby brain can’t handle anything too…er, complex. The “Great Brain” is a major hustler! I keep getting irritated at him on the main character’s behalf. Too bad I got rid of my Ramona Quimby books, I bet I’d enjoy those right about now.

Finally caved and bought myself some "walking" shoes...between the plantar fasciitis and giant baby boobs, I'm not gonna be running for a while. 😭
I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some decent “walking” shoes, since all I’m doing is walking these days and all of the Brooks barefoot running shoes I have aggravate the hell out of my plantar fasciitis, which hurts every day all day long. Thank goodness just in my left foot, but still, UGH KNOCK IT OFF, BODY.

Minty fresh. 🌿
I’ve started painting my nails again. I enjoy a pastel nail for springtime.

Spring hits the bowling ball garden.
A lone daffodil popped up in the bowling ball garden.

Hoopers! Art marker/Sharpie, 2011.
Corinne got me thinking about hooping again. I could always dust off the hoop and have some fun in the backyard…after I picked up all the dog poop, of course. Gross.

Maggie dog, begging for ________.
Who’s that shaggy dog?

Help Mumma sweetie darlingggg how can I watch Season 9 of RPDR without cable??! I'm not seeing full episodes available on Logo. 😭
DEPRESSED because RuPaul’s Drag Race, my favorite reality TV show of all time, switched from Logo to VH1 and for some horrible reason the full episodes of the new season aren’t available to watch on Logo. WHY RU WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? There has GOT to be a way I can watch it without cable. Who in the hell has cable these days, anyway? Seriously.

Wig Wednesday: fun dress-up night number 36546765 with the Broad and Josh, circa 2011.
2011, a year that I was apparently skinny. Look at those arms! Sob! I never appreciated it. Youth is wasted on the young.

Painted over the first Joan Crawford painting and chose another pose. Let's try this again! πŸ˜…
The current Joan Crawford painting was giving me fits so I painted over the whole damn thing, chose a different pose from the same session, and started over. I rarely paint over paintings but it was that bad.

Color inspiration! (thanks @taxcollection) 🌈
More spring color inspiration, thanks to Instagram.

Spotted a low rainbow today. Can you see it? 🌈
Yesterday I spotted a very low-hanging rainbow in the sky. Can you see it?

Had a long overdue haircut tonight by the fabulous @erikaniklason3. She always makes me feel pretty pretty! πŸ’™
Finally (it happened to me) I got a haircut! I was so overdue. I tried cutting my bangs myself a few weeks ago and it was hopeless, they had grown out too much. Speaking of haircuts, Christopher aka Kissyfur aka Smitty is coming into town next week, and promises to do something with Josh’s current mop. Hooray!

In the front yard. πŸ’•πŸŒΈ
Spotted this morning in the front yard.

Beautiful morning for a baby/dog walk.
We went for an earlier-than-usual baby/dogwalk today, but that’s what happens when you’re up at 5:30 in the morning. However, I can’t complain…Baby M. has slept through the night for the last 4 nights in a row! Squeal! Squeak! I knew he could do it! Catch you later, blog-logs.

Little boxes made of ticky tacky

Little boxes made of ticky tacky

Happy Friday! Is there a more perfect comfort food than a grilled cheese sandwich? 😍
Howdy blog! If this is a Good Nap Day, I estimate that I have 30 minutes to write this blog entry. Let’s see what happens! Last week I decided the last of the bread left by our houseguests needed to be eaten in the form of a grilled cheese sannie…or three! The ultimate comfort food. Mmmm.

Ohhhh it's a happenin' Friday night 'round here.
One week ago today. A typical Friday night for new parents. We have a new bedtime routine…ice cream and Sleepytime tea around 8:30 pm, which is when I kick off my three rounds of breastfeeding. We’ve done that for most of this week and he has slept GREAT–now he only wakes up twice, once for a Josh feeding at 2-ish and once for a Liz feeding at 5-6-ish. Then if I’m really lucky, he might let me sleep until 8–but not the last two days.

Maggie dog is always up for a game of fetch. 🎾
Still! I’m not complaining! It works out to 8 hours of sleep if you subtract the pee breaks I still have to make. What is THAT all about? Is that just my New Normal? I’ve been using that term a lot since Baby M. has been born.

Loving this tattoo art by @evakrbdk πŸ’™
I continue to be inspired by tattoo art on IG, although I’m over wanting any more for myself. Although at least 3 times a year I think I want to cover up my old sun tattoo. BUT WITH WHAT? The eternal dilemma.

"What is that green thing?" squawked my sleep-deprived husband today. "Some kind of alien?"
I’m going to slowly post less pictures of my son on my primary IG account, and just post to his private account, so if you want to see more pictures of Baby M. (and I know you in real life), than please visit @babyboyholcomb.

My daily audience for breakfast.
I’d like to eventually make my @artwaif account public again, to help “promote my artwork”. BAH HA HAAAAAA.

After a long fussy weekend, the little dude amazed me by sleeping in till 9 o'clock this morning! πŸ™Œ
Last weekend I went to a consignment shop and bought him 4 shirts, two sweatshirts and a pair of socks for only 24$! I was proud. His feet just keep getting bigger and bigger! So does the rest of him. 2 months old and he’s wearing 3 month clothing.

This morning.⛅️
I wrangled him into the car seat today for another Bob walk. I feel so proud every time I manage to get us all out the door for a walk at the park! Someday it won’t be such a hassle.

Catching a few rays of sunshine (in fleece jackets).
Catching some March sun with my son, in fleece jackets. He didn’t fuss as much as I figured he would with the hood on. He seems to enjoy being outside…just like his parents!

Preeeetty much obsessed with designer @ashish_uk 😍🌈✨✨
Recently discovered designer Ashish and I’m pretty obsessed with everything he does–rainbows! Glitter! Kitsch! Right up my alley.

This little chunk is 2 months old today! πŸŽ‰
Two months old, and such a little chunk! He’s pretty happy in the morning. In the evening that “baby witching hour” kicks in from 4-8 and it’s fuss FEED fuss FEED fussss. Poor Josh, he doesn’t get to see all the smiles that I do.

Completed mini painting for my neighbor's dollhouse. Only took me two weeks! πŸ˜…(it's true what they say about babies, they take up allll your tiiiime)
Completed tiny painting for my neighbor’s dollhouse!

The recent tiny painting commission from my neighbor inspired me to buy a bunch of tiny canvases! Yay for starting new projects! 🎨
I was so inspired I just ordered a dozen tiny canvases (with easels!) to do a series. I already know who my first subject is going to be…Louise Brooks, of course!

I offered to do a free one for Christopher and Jenn for their dollhouses, and the rest I will put up for sale in my Etsy shop. Dollhouse art has its own niche!

New reading material.
Hoping to get through this book in the next…um, year. Heh.

Yesterday afternoon. I think we have the same squinty eyes! πŸ‘€
He likes to be held facing away from us, so sometimes I use my camera to see what his face looks like…and sometimes it looks like this! Happy little boy! I’m crazy about this kid.

Impulse buy. 7 cookies in one serving? HA.
Well, er…impulse buy at the grocery store led to binge eating led to an inflamed gum around my right lower molar! Coincidence? I think not.

Hey Maggie, placing the ball several feet away from me in a pool of stagnant water isn't what I meant by "bring it back". 😭
Sometimes Maggie thinks that dropping the tennis ball into the nearest disgusting pool of stagnant water is cute. Not so cute, Maggie.

That’s it? I wrote an entire blog entry during the last leg of a nap? Amazing! Maybe I even have time to start my Louise Brooks painting. Catch yer later!

Well if you want to sing out, sing out

Well if you want to sing out, sing out

Mom giving Bear Cub some lovin.
Happy Satur-yay, blog! Today is Mumsie’s last day here. We’re going to miss her a whole lot.

Read "The Color Kittens" to M. this morning, a gift from Mom. It's one of her favorites.
She brought Baby M. two of her favorite children’s books–“Goodnight Moon” and “The Color Kittens”.

Grandma and her first grandchild. πŸ’•
Just as soon as she figured out how to soothe him, she has to go home again. BOOOOOO.

Joy over Monte Cristo breakfast casserole YUM (thanks @dubtrance for the inspiration).
Christopher had been taunting me with offering up his breakfast Monte Cristo casserole recipe for ages but NEVER DELIVERING (as with so many things) so we went over his head and Googled the recipe and made it. Delicious!

Too bad my mother picked the week M. is going through a growth spurt to visit...we are SO TIRED! 😭Nevertheless, a family dog walk felt good.
I’ve walked the dogs every single day that Mom has been here, and then in the afternoon I’ve been stuffing M. into the Moby and we’ve gone for another walk. It’s been wonderful.

Waiting for Maggie to drop the ball.
Today I’d like to go for a full family walk before Brenna’s 40th birthday party at 4…if it stops snowing, that is. Gross.

Hard to believe that today would have been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday. I still love him as much as I did 20+ years ago. πŸ˜₯
Brenna’s birthday party theme is “Come as you are”. I tried on my Kurt jeans from high school (too small) and my overalls from high school (too small), so I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna stuff my post-pregnancy bod into tonight, but at least I can wear sparkly eyeshadow and a choker, yeah? This past February 20th Kurt would have been 50 years old.

Art marker/ink, 2011. I made this drawing into a T-shirt design back when I had a Zazzle store. Remember Zazzle?
Lately I’ve been posting all my fun drawings from 2011 on IG, and it’s paid off! My old blog friend Liz bought “Neon Amish” last week!

M & M. β€πŸ’šπŸŒŸ
First we do Tummy Time on the mat to strengthen his little neck and shoulder muscles, then I flip him over and let him gaze at all the fun toys dangling.

Hey fellow IG seamstresses, it will now cost the same to fix my 20-year-old Singer as to buy a new one, anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for a basic but heavy-duty machine.
Bob kindly fixed part of my broken sewing machine during their last visit with us, but unfortunately it broke again. Turns out it will probably cost less to buy a new Singer than repair my 20-year-old Singer, and my mother is offering to buy it for me, which is very kind of her. I just need to pick a machine.

Discovered two smile generators this week: tickling his chest and upper lip!
I’ve figured out how to make him smile and coo–by tickling his chest and upper lip. The cutest!

Advanced baby techniques: standing tall! πŸ’ͺ
Such a little man. Such stromph.

More adventures in babywearing: I loaded my big fat baby into the Moby and mom and I went for a quick walk. The sun even came out! 🌞
Babywearing in February involves zipping a jacket over the Moby and baby inside. Brrrr!

Clearly the boss around here these days. 🌈Vintage rainbow onesie thanks to my cousin Erika!
I couldn’t WAIT to get him into this vintage terrycloth rainbow onesie from Erika…and now it’s nearly too small!

More signs of spring. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
My mother reminded me this morning that spring doesn’t start until March 21st. “Ugh,” was my reply.

Ooo-ooh February sunshine, you make me feel so fine 🌞
Desperately Seeking Sunshine.

Today we met an adorable 8-month-old black Lab named Maynard.
We’ve been meeting new dogfriends on our daily dog walks. This excited little dude’s name is Maynard.

Today we frolicked with a yellow Lab named Larry. πŸ’›
Maynard’s brother, Larry. So cute!

Fun cloud formations today. ☁️
Fun cloud formations.

Mumsie and I have been binge-watching "Will & Grace". 🌈
Mom and I have watched a lot of “Will & Grace” while she’s been here–I own seasons 3-8.

“I could watch Will and Grace all day long and never get tired of it,” she sighed the other day, prompting me to text Christopher immediately. She also cried when she found out Donna Summer was dead (she died in 2012). Never change, Mumsie!

The mens. πŸ’š
Such a good daddy.

"You say it's time to go home? Quick! Into the nearest body of water!" πŸ’¦
They always gotta get in the water right as we’re leaving the dog park.

Tired of looking at my baby? I'm not! He has his own private IG @babyboyholcomb if you are interested in more baby pics.
Love this picture. Love his rolls!

He looooves to bounce on the stability ball.
Bouncing on the stability ball will diffuse baby cries most of the time.

Wearing his bear shirt today, which is meant for three month old?? Apparently baby clothing sizing is as screwed up as women's.
Yesterday he wore his adorable bear shirt, which is sized “0 to 6 months”. Baby sizing is as screwy as women’s sizing!

Art marker/Sharpie, 2011. πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨
Another drawing from 2011.

M. and Jen have a deep conversation.
Last night we had a visit from our old co-worker, Jen. She brought him baby books and had deep conversations with him.

Just as Mom cracks the baby code and figures out how to soothe him, she has to leave. 😭We're going to miss her a lot!
Mumsie soothing M. into a relaxed state while I scarf down an ice cream sandwich (important). Baby M. loves to fuss while I eat!

Snow’s gone, sun’s out and time to get these buns out! Ta ta, blog!

Is it spring yet?

Is it spring yet?

Today I successfully stuffed my 9 pound 11 oz (😳) baby into the Moby wrap, put a jacket over the top, and slooowly walked one dog at a time around the block, no crying! You gotta celebrate the little victories.
Hey-o blog! This photo was taken a week ago, the first day I successfully managed to get Baby M. into the Moby wrap, cover it with a coat, and slowwwly walk one dog at a time around our neighborhood. He does well in the Moby wrap when he’s tired, thankfully. Unfortunately, my back does not!

I don't usually post inspirational messages, but this one spoke to me today. Also I really love the look of bright florals against black (thanks @ashleylongshoreart) πŸ’–
From the IG account of Ashley Longshore, a fun New Orleans artist I’ve followed ever since Christopher recommended her to me. I like the message, and I also like bright florals against black.

This morning's reading selections. πŸ“š
The goal is one book a day, and sometimes we make it, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we read four books to make up!

Ughhhh yeaaaaaahhhh OVER IT.

"What's it all about?"
Oh man, I love this picture. Look at that double chin (his, not mine). Delicious.

First baby sponge bath: a success. And I finally got an adequate amount of sleep for the first time in 3 days, so I feel like a new woman. 🌞
It’s safe to say that he likes to snuggle.

Got my dog walk in today (in the rain). 🌈
This was the first day that I got adequate sleep (a real smile!), followed by two or three nights of two hour sleep, after which I was just about at the end of my rope so I went to our new GP and successfully re-started 50 mg of Trazodone. I’m the sort of person that can’t handle sleep deprivation well, AT ALL, and Trazzie is minimally excreted into breast milk. Now I’m sleeping again, Josh is sleeping, the baby is sleeping, and all is well.

A little rain never bothers these PNW dogs.
I enlisted my neighbor to come over and watch the baby today so I could take the girls for a (windy rainy and coooold) dog walk. It was a welcome break! And she is happy to do it, besides. It’s great having neighbors that are willing to help you out.

Dinner with the great-grandparents. Shirley is a Baby Whisperer.
Sunday night, dinner at Grandma Shirley’s place. Look at how relaxed M. is here…she is the Baby Whisperer.

I would like to sleep this soundly. 😴
Such a little man.

Sunday rainy day walkies.
Walking before the Superbowl on Sunday, baby strapped on.

Snow day!
Monday morning…GROSS.

Father and son. πŸ’•
We took the baby for his check-up and he is already over 10 pounds!

Well, we got through one book today. πŸ‡
I think Peta gave us this book, and personally knows the author? My baby shower seems like it was a loooooong time ago.

This beautiful boy is one month old today. 🌟
On Tuesday Baby M. turned one month old. ALREADY ONE MONTH OLD. Soon he’s gonna be a surly teenager.

First successful outing with the Bob and dogs. We only lasted about ten minutes because of all the snow and slippery ice.
I was so desperate for a dogwalk on Tuesday that I loaded up the dogs and baby and Bob, drove to the park, and once there realized that the amount of snow and ice on the ground was way more than I had anticipated! We lasted about ten minutes. Still, that was our first solo outing to the park…you gotta celebrate the little victories.

M. and Maggie, ever protective.
Maggie and Bear Cub are really good with him.

Yesterday we wore stripes.
Tuesday was my most sleep-deprived day yet, and that was when I took this picture.

“You look about thirteen in that picture,” said my mother over the phone, “But so tired!” I was. But luckily things have straightened out.

Currently reading.
Currently reading.

I always liked the Brady Brunch movie from the 90s better than the original show.
I love RuPaul. Last night I typed in “RuPaul” to Youtube and just watched an hour straight of RuPaul interviews on various talk shows. So many great sound bytes!

Adventures in Babywearing: the rain washed away all the snow and ice today, so I was able to strap on my baby and take the girls for a quick nature walk. Although ohhh my back! He wasn't a ten pound baby when I was pregnant with him!
Voila! Good-bye snow! AND DON’T COME BACK.

Yesterday. Slouchy beanie (not so slouchy on my big head) by @corinne_spoja πŸ’–
The Broad made that slouchy beanie…which isn’t so slouchy on my big head.

This is a good one.
Last night I had a fierce craving for Mongolian Grill…and it did not disappoint. I liked my fortune, too.

"All we are saying," says Baby M., "Is give peace a chance." Today's cute little outfit thanks to @flynnpobrien and @curleyobrien 😘
This morning I dressed M. in a new little outfit sent by my cousin Flynn and his wife Molly. I realized later after looking at the picture that M. was flashing me the peace sign. So cute!

Threw Maggie a tennis ball this morning and she returned with this.
I threw a tennis ball to Maggie this morning, and she returned with this. Hmmm.

That’s it! My past week. Some lows (sleep deprivation), some highs (first bath, first successful solo babywearing/stroller outings). We’re all getting through this newborn stage, one day at a time. And in the meantime, he sure is cute to look at. So long blog, it’s time for my dinner.

A horrible incident, Thanksgiving dinner and baby shower number two

A horrible incident, Thanksgiving dinner and baby shower number two

Whip it!
Hellerrrrr blog. I am currently trying to motivate myself (sans caffeine) after indulging in a “naughty” lunch this afternoon, and by “naughty” I mean my Big Ol’ Baby (5 pounds and 5 ounces and in the 92nd percentile, if ultrasound stats can be trusted) wanted a Wendy’s cheeseburger AND fries AND a small chocolate Frosty. Burp.

Ohhhh glitter vinyl, the things I could do with youuuuu...😍
My birthday is this Saturday! Not that I am in any way excited, but perhaps I need to visit Michael’s again this week and take some pictures of things for Josh to buy me. Like glitter vinyl! Who doesn’t need glitter vinyl???

First epsom salt foot soak: complete. Next up: a pedicure. Maybe I'll finally take Josh up on his offer to paint my toe's getting real hard to bend over these days.
Soaking my feet in their first Epsom salt bath, last Tuesday.

Ohhhhhh last Tuesday, you were so very very cruel to us. Josh and I ate at a taco truck both Monday AND Tuesday night. It was delicious! And we were just about to go out of town, we were out of groceries, and I was feeling lazy! BOY DID WE PAY. Starting at around 7 pm at night I began to feel nauseous, Josh’s nausea kicked in around 9. At 10 o’clock I made him drive to the local corner store for ginger ale and crackers, and right about the time he came back was right about the time I started throwing up. Mind you, I NEVER throw up. It takes me back to the Drinking Days and I hate doing it, haven’t done it for years, but I maintain that evening between 10 pm and 3 am I threw up 9 to 10 times. Josh threw up 4 times, but he insists that his vomiting is more “powerful” than mine and apparently I am a “dainty vomiter”. Er, okay. Not just throwing up, either, everything out the other end as well!

Yes, we had a good old fashioned case of food poisoning, just in time for our trip to Spokane, Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of parents (finally), AND my second baby shower, graciously hosted by Fleeta. The timing was very, very bad indeed.

Last night Josh and I both got a vicious case of food poisoning from a taco truck. Instead of being on the road now, headed to have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, we are choking down crackers and Gatorade. It's awful! Here's hoping it only l
Our bodies didn’t even let us sleep in the next day, we were both up at 7:30, and we were sick ALL DAY LONG. I called my OB to tell her what was happening–the only thing worse than food poisoning is getting it when you’re 8 months pregnant and your poor baby is along for the ride. She told me to push fluids, and go to the ER if I was still vomiting or having diarrhea after 24 HOURS. Yikes. Luckily, I wasn’t.

Long road trips call for interesting audio books.
Somehow, we pulled it together Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) to make the 6 hour drive over to Spokane. We still weren’t feeling well, of course, but at least the insane nausea that I’d had all day Wednesday wasn’t present.

Josh and I at Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Not too shabby for two people who were violently ill with food poisoning the day before.
Here we are on Thanksgiving evening at my in-laws, looking much better than we felt. It was the smallest Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws ever, just us, my in-laws, my parents, and Grandma Frances, but considering the trauma of the previous two days, that was just right.

My parents trying to feel their grandson kick. I was told this week he's measuring in the 92nd percentile. Already an overachiever! πŸ˜…
It was a special Thanksgiving because all of our parents were together, for the first time. Here are my parents, trying to coax a kick out of Baby M. He doesn’t perform well on command!

Adorable diaper cake made by Fleeta and Peta. πŸ’™
On Friday Josh and I were still feeling poorly, and I feel bad that I wasn’t more help in setting up for my baby shower. Luckily Fleeta’s co-host Peta came over a couple hours early to help set up. Here’s the fancy diaper cake they made together.

Lisa, who has been one of my good friends for almost 20 years, and her three goofy/adorable children.
One of the things that made me happiest was getting to see my old old old OLD friend Lisa and her three kiddies again. I hadn’t seen her since 2013, and the kids since 2012, the year that their father tragically died. I missed them!

I like to hold onto my friends for a loooooong tiiiiiiime. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Lisa and I have now been friends for nearly 20 years, and she’s barely aged. Hardly a wrinkle on that gal!

Yesterday my MIL threw me a second baby shower. Feeling very spoiled, loved and grateful today.
The second baby shower was much smaller than the first, but it was cozy and sweet and special and I was happy to see everyone who came.

One of the shower games was to decorate diapers for Baby M.. Here's Sadie's mushroom. πŸ„
Decorating the baby diapers with Sharpies was a big hit with Lisa’s kids. Sadie is a carbon copy of her mother, down to the mushroom and turtle drawings and tie-dye.

Happy parents-to-be. I've graduated to wearing Josh's outerwear because mine are all too small 😭
I wore the same dress that I wore to my first baby shower, because why not? Although I’ve now graduated to wearing Josh’s raincoat AND puffy winter jacket. My coats don’t button or zip up. Sigh.

Some Spokane street art.
The entire trip was slightly surreal, probably because we didn’t feel 100%. On the way home, we stopped at the taco truck to inform the owners about what happened. The guy fixed us with a blank stare and muttered, “No comprende“. YEAH RIGHT BUDDY. I wrote a negative Yelp review. Never again.

Fresh reading material.
I got this book at the library, although I have a seriously deficient (pregnant)) attention span and a GIANT pile of baby books I’m “supposed” to be reading.

Rainy walkies today.
I also have a painting for Baby M. I’m working on, as well as another secret project, that both need to be completed before January. Yarg.

We learned how to Moby wrap today, and now Josh is just wearing it around the house. "Helps me feel more like a dad," he said.
On Sunday thanks to Youtube tutorials, we learned to use the Moby wrap. Then Josh just wore it around the house for a while. “Helps me feel more like a dad,” he said. Maw.

Behold, the Bob Revolution! Many Good Times will be had with this guy! πŸ’™
And look at what came in the mail last night, my parents’ gift to us, the sexy Bob Revolution! Woo hoo!

Maggie is not impressed by the Bob.
Maggie was, well, not that impressed. Catch yer later, blog logs!

Art and dogs and nature

Art and dogs and nature

More progress. 🎨
Hallo, blog. I sat down at the computer to finally do some friggin’ continuing education, but…here I am instead! Tee hee! This is the current painting, pretty close to being finished. Just need to fill in those pesky blank areas with more flowers.

Currently reading.
Currently reading. Chelsea is a funny writer, but I would never, EVER travel with her.

Roxy's Diner in Fremont is so goooood.
Saturday I met Christy at Roxy’s Diner in Fremont, YUM.

I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. Mmmmm.
I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich, which was so tasty I forgot to sample her latkes. You know the old pregnancy saying when it comes to food: “What’s hers is hers, what’s yours is also hers.

Maggie and Bear Cub get wet at Marymoor Park today. It was so crowded! That's what happens when the weather finally warms up. πŸ’¦
Sunday I was supposed to host my support group at our house in the morning, but one by one, they ALL BAILED ON ME. One had a miscarriage, two had terrible morning sickness, one had jet lag…I forget what all the other excuses were, but LAME-O. I had already prepared a big strawberry salad and carrot muffins before I found out about the last few cancelers. I hate that shit. So I took the dogs to Marymoor Park to get over the sadness.

Fuzzy. Anyone know what they are?
These cool fuzzy purple flowers are all over the park, but I don’t know what they are.

I may have been at the dog park instead of the Pride parade today, but I still wore my rainbow hat! 🌈
It was Pride weekend here in Seattle, but unfortunately I didn’t make the parade. At least I wore my rainbow hat!

Maggie loves to swim.
I figured out later on that normally I must go to Marymoor during the week, because it was insanely crowded on Sunday. The entire parking lot, plus overflow, was full. Poor Maggie dog had a lot of competition for her tennis ball!

Feeeeling this electric purple hydrangea in the backyard. πŸ’œ
Kind of obsessed with this electric purple hydrangea in our backyard.

Little Ronia is growing up fast.
Monday, after taking my car to the tire shop to repair a tire with a nail in it and walking the rogs, I headed over to Brenna’s to hang out with her and the kiddos. Look at how big Miss Ronia is these days!

Brenna's big bright hydrangea bush. πŸ’œπŸ’–
Brenna has some gorgeous hydrangea bushes in her yard as well.

3 pm nap time. 😴
True to my pregnant self, I took a nap at 3 pm on their guest bed. It was like sleeping on a marshmallow. Brenna fed me salmon and crab cakes, and I brought over the strawberry salad, carrot muffins, and caprese salad I had made. Sharing is caring!

Dragonfly spotting this morning.
Big old dragonfly chilling on their fence.

Me and my Broad at Marymoor Park today. 🌈
Yesterday at Marymoor Park with my Broad. I drove her to therapy, and the girls and I sat in the shade while she obtained more benzos (mostly for her kitties this time so she can get them groomed). Then we walked over two miles around the park, and grabbed some slushies from 711 on the way home! Yeah, summer!

Even Bear Cub went for a swim today! πŸ’¦
Even Bear Cub (or “Goat Cub” as I call her now that she has no fur) got wet yesterday.

Let’s see. Today I am 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Total weight gain: 11 pounds, but WHO’S COUNTING???! (nervous, shaky laughter) I have plans to do some sort of kid park/dog park activity with Josh’s cousin Alyse and her 7 year old son and the dogs today. Tomorrow morning I have my first appointment with my lovely Jewish OB! Looking forward to that. Ta ta!

Love’s got a hold on me, baby, feels just like a ball and chain.

Love’s got a hold on me, baby, feels just like a ball and chain.

Bear Cub is cute.
Hey blerg! I’m just wasting, ahem, USING up time blogging this morning so I can go to work a little later and take advantage of my boss buying me free lunch. Turn down free lunch? NEVER.

St. John's Wort. πŸ’›
This is St. John’s Wort, and someone on IG informed me that it’s the ornamental, not medicinal, variety. Thanks, IG!

Oh baby you, you got what I neeeeed...
I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. Still no morning sickness, which leads me to believe that I am one of the lucky minority that doesn’t get it. Woo hoo! I did get up about SIX TIMES to pee all throughout last night/this morning though…that’s getting old.

Pretty lily in my neighbor's yard.
Still very lethargic. I spend many many hours laying on the couch, reading library books. I’m working on a painting, but it doesn’t hold my interest for very long before a nap beckons.

The Bear stands alone. 🌿
Last night I was so tired that I let Josh make the dinner that I was planning on making–white chicken chili and cornbread. He did a nice job. While I was on the couch.

Bob Ross is so very soothing. 🎨
Bob Ross is very sooooothing.

Last night we watched “Aladdin”, my husband’s choice (after “Inside Amy Schumer”, MY choice). I keep telling him to knock it off with the children’s movies–I mean, once the baby comes aren’t we going to watch nothing BUT children’s movies? Every time I’ve brought up a thriller or a drama or a horror film to people I know with children they just stare at me blankly…so I think we need to get all the adult movies in NOW! NOW! NOW!

Happy Friday! Whatcha doin this weekend?
I have mostly been avoiding horror but there is a new Netflix series with Winona Ryder coming out next month that I’m pretty sure I need to watch. Check out this preview.

Josh bought me this glammy new sleep mask. Ahoy, mid-afternoon nap! (Note Maggie napping in the background)
For my Month 2 present (of the 9 months I am forcing my husband to buy me pregnancy presents), Josh bought me this cute little eye mask and some black-out curtains for the bedroom. So now I have an eye mask for the couch, too! Woo hoo!

First archery lesson tonight with Josh. 🎯🎯🎯
Remember that archery lesson Groupon we bought back in…February? We finally redeemed it on Friday night. Josh was better than me, which made me mad. Competitive? Who’s competitive?

Janis Joplin singing "Ball and Chain" at the Monterey Pop Festival always gives me happy chills. Oh Janis! 😍
There’s a new Janis Joplin documentary on Netflix, and yes you should watch it. If, for nothing else, to watch my all-time favorite performance of Janis at the Monterey Pop Festival, where she performs “Ball and Chain” with so much raw energy and power that the camera cuts to Mama Cass in the audience right afterwards saying, “WOW.” Wow indeed.

Aw heck here it is:

YES MA’AM. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Gives me chills every time.

This carrot cake at the Deru Market spoke to me (although it was the salted peanut butter chocolate cake that came home with me). 😍
Met up with my support group on Saturday–all nine original members! The breakfast at the Deru Market was nothing special, but look at those caaaaakes! A 9 dollar piece of salted peanut butter chocolate cake came home with me. That’s right. Josh and I split it that night. Mmmm.

This was a compelling read.
Back to murder mysteries again. This is a good one.

Oh that sweet little Bear Cub! I put our throwing stick down on a picnic table the last time we went to the dog park, returned about 10 minutes later and someone had STOLEN IT. Losers!

Smile! 🌲🌲🌲
Sometimes you need a smiley face. Especially after Sunday and the horrific slaughter of 50 LGBT clubbers at an Orlando night club. Sickening.

Nature is for lovers. πŸ’š
I’m ready to go camping again. Who’s with me?

Our calla lily is blooming. πŸ’š
The calla lilies that Grandma Shirley gave us last year are blooming!

Love that Bear Cub tail.
What a majestic tail! Alright, time to get to work. Ta ta for now.