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Baby antics, funny shows, and Grammy

Baby antics, funny shows, and Grammy

Grammy gives Mr. Baby his first bite of ice cream.
Heyyyy bloooog. I’ve had the “add new post” box up for three days, just waiting for the opportunity to write. And here it is! Here’s Mom giving Goo his very first taste of ice cream. We would have waited, but it was important to her, so we let her do it. Of course he loved it!

Catching up on a bit of luxury with Mom last night...classic episodes of Aaaaaabsolutely Faaaaabulous πŸ’–
Plenty of Ab Fabs were watched over the past week (mostly by me, but that’s okay). We also showed Mumsie “Office Space” for her first time.

"Beverly Leslie with your pants so tight, won't you be my partner tonight?"
And of course, per her request, some “Will & Grace”. I wonder how the new season is? Did Beverly Leslie come back too?

Happy Friday! Let's frolic. 🌞🌲🐢
She’s flying back to Boise this afternoon. Josh is driving her to the airport…while I go to the gym and go to the grocery store and frantically try to accomplish some cleaning tasks that are very difficult to get done with a Mr. Baby.

Beautiful sunny day today. 🌞
We went for a walk (or two) every single day that she was here. Sometimes she went for a THIRD walk by herself after dinner. This is a woman recovering from two back surgeries, mind you.

First full day away from my baby while Josh/Goo attend his father's bday bash in Spokane. Mumsie and I bought fresh books, gorged on Oreo milkshakes and watched "Will and Grace". Not a bad way to spend a day baby-free! (I MISS HIM)
On Saturday I let Josh take my baby to Spokane and back in the very same day to attend his father’s 70th birthday party. I definitely missed my baby, but it helped having Mom around to distract me. We walked, snarfed Oreo milkshakes and read books. Not a bad baby-free day!

I can tell Josh has been using my car 😝
A surefire sign that Josh borrowed my car: Paul Anka appeared in the front seat. Gross.

Beach baby β›±
Josh took the baby to the beach this week and let him stick his baby toes in the sand (and pulled him away before he could eat a mouthful of sand).

No editing needed on these stunning hibiscus flowers. 🌺🌺🌺
The hibiscus is doing great.

Somebody wants attention and her name is Maggie dog.
Maggie dog says heyyyyy pay attention to meeeeeeeeee.

Pops and Goo vs Pops and me πŸ’•πŸ’•
My father and Goo vs. my father and me.

Post-haircut: better! I only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year, always the minimum. The hairdresser suggested I cut my hair every 6 weeks...that seems high maintenance to me.
Mumsie and I both desperately needed a trim, so went and got our hair cut together. This is the “after”…I also took a “before” shot, but Flickr seems to have not uploaded it, and I am lazy.

Last shave ice of the summer! 🌺
My mother is interested in Lake Stevens, so we drove around the lake and also stopped for one last shave ice.

#fbf: my baby shower last November with Erika and @idahoagogo πŸ’•(I finally looked at the pictures this morning! πŸ˜‚)
“One last”…because as of September 1st I am officially on a low-carb diet. My weight has stalled with a whopping 20 pounds left to go for months now, and IT WILL NOT STAND. Here’s a shot of me and Erika and Christy at my baby shower last year…I finally got around to looking at the pictures Erika sent!

Nature walks with Mumsie. 🌾
Mumsie off in search of Maggie, who was deep in the forest eating something disgusting.

Bear Cub!
Bear Cub also ate something disgusting during one of our walks…she had a shit-eating grin! What gross animals!

Goo laughing at videos of himself.
This baby loves to look at pictures of himself. He sure takes after his mom!

Maggie is 11 years older than Mr. Bennett but they get along just fine. πŸ’•
Bob and Fleeta brought Mr. Bennett and the kids over yesterday. Maggie and Mr. Bennett got along famously. I miss my dogs playing together like that! It’s been years.

Family walkies! It's hoooot. 🌞
One last family walk. Luckily my mother is going to come back for another visit at the beginning of November. What will Goo be doing by then? Running, at this rate!

Mumsie is flying back home today after a lovely 2-week stay. We're going to miss her!
We’re going to miss you, Grammy!

Alright, time to get this carcass moving. Ta ta for now, bloggers.

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Found some glamorous trash at the campsite.
Hola blog! I’m finally getting around to posting the camping photos from two weeks ago. Here’s some glamorous trash I found at our campsite.

Mr. Baby in the Great Outdoors.
The weather on this trip was really bizarre. It was still smoggy from the Canadian wildfire haze, and then about 90 degrees on top of that–HOT.

A sexy cumulus cloud last night. It was 90 degrees and so hot...and then this morning it rained for hours so we left early. Booooo.
Over the ridge we could see smoke from a fresh fire, building up into this great big cumulus cloud that hung over camp for a few hours. In the morning, the smoke was gone.

Maggie dog in her element.
The heat made us sluggish. We didn’t even cook dinner that night, just ate some cheese and meat and crackers.

My sweeties.
Mr. Baby loves to be outside!

The weather went from a clear 90 degrees at night to a chilly rainy morning/afternoon. WA weather, you so crazy.
The morning was much cooler. It started sprinkling, we figured it would pass…it didn’t!

The coffee was a little...chunky.
The French Press missed a few grounds.

So inviting πŸ’¦
I regretted not going swimming the night we arrived, when we were so hot. Who wants to swim in a cold river in the rain? Booooo.

We ended up leaving about 3 hours before we normally would have, due to the rain. We didn’t mind getting rained on, pre-baby, but when you have a squirrel-y infant being cooped up in a tent isn’t as much fun.

Still: three camping trips this summer, not too shabby! And we’ll get another one too, if I get my way.

Yellow grass, dried leaves, colder temps...I'm not ready for fall yet! 😳
It’s feeling Fall-ish around here already. Cooler temps, dried leaves on the ground, that inevitable “crisp” in the air…

I mean, could he be any cuter? Seriously.

Who drives to Lake Stevens for shave ice? Meeeeee 😍
Firmly in denial about summer ending, I drove Mr. Baby to Lake Stevens and bought myself a nice big shave ice. Mmmmmm.

Such a relief to see blue skies again. I was beginning to think that wildfire haze was going to last for the rest of the summer.
At long last, blue skies again. Those weeks of smoke haze were no fun.

Are these the dog days of summer?
C’est moi. About half of my eyelash extensions have already fallen out.

Dog pack!
Dogfriends! Dogfriends at the park.

Electric pink πŸ’–
My neighbor’s roses are still blooming nicely. Ours died weeks ago.

The scarlet begonia is really flourishing! πŸ’₯
The scarlet begonia, however, is doing great! It has tripled in size.

August is always a little melancholy 🌾
Pretty soon the blackberries will be ripe to pick.

So close!

Bear and baby.

This Life Alert guy is kinda hot. Maybe I need to fall and then not get up. πŸ˜‚
This Life Alert guy is kinda hot, yeah? Should I fall and then not get up?

Grampy Steve and Mr. Baby.
Guess who came for a visit? My father flew over last Friday, and stayed through the weekend. My mother flew over the following day, and is still here.

Just the girls and I for today's dogwalk. 🌾
Every day I have to pressure her into staying longer. She’s recovering from her second back surgery this year, and subsequently cannot pick up Mr. Baby, or do household chores.

Mom and Goo.πŸ’™
She therefore feels that she is being a “burden”, so every day I have to stress that it is important that she is spending time with the baby, and she won’t be able to see him again until Christmas, likely. Who cares if she can’t pick him up off the floor? Who cares if she can’t do laundry? NOT ME.

Sweetness. πŸ’•
They only get to be babies once. This is a special time.

Happy Goo.
Look at that happy Goo!

Mother and daughter. πŸ’•
We go for short walks every day, and eat ice cream every night. Not a bad way to spend August!

Walkies. 🌾
Meeting new dogfriends along the way.

Hey Bear!
Now that Mr. Baby is crib trained for night, I’m working on the nap crib training. Yesterday afternoon it took him a whopping 45 minutes of flopping/sitting up/fussing…for an hour long nap. This morning it took 25 minutes. Improvement!

Verdict: gross. Maybe people only like this if they have forgotten what real ice cream tastes like?
One word regarding this B.S. posing as ice cream: YUCK.

Hey, that catches us up! See yer later.

The Big Ol’ Recap

The Big Ol’ Recap

Heyyo! Happy end of 2015! It’s that special time of year when I spend an hour or so reviewing just what exactly it was that I spent the last year doing…or at least, what I SAID I did on my blog. Heh heh heh.


Had my tri-annual haircut today from my favorite stylist.
Tri-annual haircut from Erika…always a pleasure.

shaved back
I had her do something I should have been doing for years: shaved the nape of my neck, where I always grow these awful wispy hairs that I pull on. No more wisps!

Kissy and Lizzy
Kissyfur visits and we all go out to see Dame Edna! Hooray! Totally worth it.

I finally have an easel like a "real" painter! Score! 🎨
I paint with my new easel like a “real” artist! Or maybe…an artist with better posture. Heh.


Made these two little skirts last night.
Made these cute little corduroy skirts.

Glamming up. πŸ’–
Got some highlights from Erika! What kind of weirdo gets highlights in winter? THIS ONE.

I decided a few weeks ago to quit 1 of my 2 jobs. Today was my last day at 1 of the jobs, and here I am sitting on my boss's desk, pouting. Change is hard sometimes.
Quit one of my two jobs. At the time I was kind of bummed, but I’m glad I did.

fancy stump
We visited Mukilteo for the first time.

Say hello to my little friend. πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™
Met this dude! Bah ha ha.

lovely ladies
Housewarming party!

NOT MUCH. Seriously.


the Butchart Gardens
Joshy and I go to Victoria BC and visit the beautiful Butchart Gardens! Can you even believe how gorgeous this is?

Birthday boy with his "Violet Martini". I was so disappointed that it didn't match his shirt.🍸
Fancy dinner out for Josh’s birthday.

Joshy at Pike Place. We bought salmon and some gorgeous produce.
A visit to Pike Place Market (always a good time).


My first mandala painting. I inked the design on the canvas so I can fill it in like a coloring book (very satisfying).
I start my very first Mandala painting! Incidentally, I started noticing this year a HUGE trend for adult coloring books–for Mandalas. Gee, I’m such a trend setter.

My Couch to 5K training grounds 🌲
I begin running at the park with the girls every other day. First I did a couch to 5K program, then a 10K, and eventually I trained for a half marathon.


Horizontal camping!
This year was so unusually hot, we were able to start camping in June! Yes!

Lizzy and Joshy
Josh’s cousin Chris and Hailey’s wedding.

Mom and Josh at Anthony's in Everett. YUM. 🐠
My parents come over for a visit and see the new house for the first time. We eat good food, and even drive to Whidbey Island.

Lizzy art II
I do another art show for RAW artists! They love me. This is my third show with them.

s and s at pike place market
Stewart and Stephanie come for a visit on their way to Hawaii, and we take them to Pike Place Market. I saw the gum wall for the first time!


teal and green
Camping trip number two, this time to Hyas Lake, one of my favorite spots. Isn’t it beautiful?

I rescued this sad Betta fish from work. I've rescued a Betta before, and Seymour lived a long time, so I think of myself as the "Betta Whisperer". I named this guy Angus. I just ordered him a "hammock" shaped like a leaf and I'm excited about it!
I rescue Angus, a sad Betta fish, from work. He’s doing great!

rainbow mandala 1
I finish this rainbow Mandala, and sell it! Woo hoo!

Flushed and sweaty, hiking in 85-degree July heat. And Josh's uncle says hiking isn't a "sport". Ha! (tell that to my calves today)
We hike up Tiger Mountain (in 85 degree heat) to watch Mike paraglide down.

Home renovation weekend: pulling up carpet smelling of cat piss from the previous owners and replacing it with laminate. I feel very "grown up" 🏑
Our first major home renovation project: pulling up the cat-piss stinky carpet left from the previous owners in the living room and replacing it with laminate.

nature poser
Our infamous hike to Snow Lake, where my iphone takes a dip in the water by mistake. They don’t like that.


on the pier
We celebrate our 7th anniversary.

Metallic Mandala on wall
I finish up this dude.

Liz and Josh and the Seven Year Itch
We REALLY celebrate our anniversary a couple weeks later, dressing up and watching the movie and everything. Good times!

pre Bubble run faces
The Bubble Run 5K. Boy do I look orange!

Maggie takes in some nature
Day hike to Lake 22!

puppy love
My annual visit to Boise, this time with a new puppy who chewed on me the entire time.


trail start
Camping with Mike at Glacier Lake! Not the first time I’ve been snowed on during a summer camping trip either, mind you. Although last time I was on mushrooms! Ha ha! Memories are fun.

Maggie on guard
Final camping trip at our old stand-by, near Cle Elum. Bliss.

J and L on the Rainbow Bridge
We fly to NYC! My first time. So wonderful. I wanted to go back immediately.


post run triumphant faces
I complete my very first half marathon! I spent months training for it. Totally tolerable at the time…but then two and a half weeks of the WORST foot pain afterwards, during which time I became very bitter. I have bought myself some extremely expensive running shoes and plan on getting back to it real soon.

Re-united with my Number One Gay (Bear Cub puts up with a lot). πŸŒˆπŸ’šπŸŒŸ
Kissy came back into town to dogsit for us during New York, then we had some Good Times afterwards.

Blue again! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
He also dyed Josh’s hair, and we’ve been dying it fun colors ever since.

Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ’€
We dressed up as the Countess and Donovan from “American Horror Story” for Christmas, and entertain hordes of trick-or-treaters on our doorstep, a fun change from our last house. I was thankful we didn’t throw a party–crippled with cramps with a tight white dress! Boo, indeed!


floral 1
Another Mandala painting complete! I could kick myself for forgetting to display it in the art show this month. Not that it would have sold, heh heh sigh.

Thanksgiving dinner success!
Thanksgiving at grandma’s house. Jsoh embarked on a diet soon after this, and he’s actually been sticking with it.Β 


Oh yeah baby ☁️☁️☁️
We celebrate my birthday at a really posh hotel downtown, followed by Moroccan dinner. Mmmmm.

Tonight Joshy bought a chunk of art.
I participate in Owen’s annual art show downtown. Josh purchases a hunk of art from this dude.

Frances surrounded by her grandchildren (and a few great-grandchildren).
We spent Christmas Eve with one half of Josh’s family, Christmas morning by ourselves, and the rest of Christmas with the other half of his family! Plus his grandmother’s 90th birthday party. AND A LOT OF COOKIES, FLEETA.

Looking back it seems as though 2015 was a pretty damn good year. I have a steady job, nice house (finally), no major stress…everything has fallen nicely into place to make 2016 the year of ROBO BABY! Feel free to offer male baby names in the comments. See ya next year!

Too much but never enough Tear it up and watch it fall*

Too much but never enough Tear it up and watch it fall*

Hug a dog today! πŸ’–

Hey dudes! Happy SaturGay. Josh and I slept in until an impressive 8 A.M. this morning…that never happens.

Sunset through the beauty room window this evening. ⛅️

I had a completely average work week. Ran twice, each time, less than two miles, each time my foot hurt worse the next day. NO BUENO. As is typical in my life, I finally start to enjoy exercise and now I’m wounded. Whiney whine whine.


Other news: I have an appointment at the fertility clinic next month to consider Robo Baby options. That’s riiiiiight. I basically took all of 2015 off from being concerned about making a baby, and now I’ve decided to um, be concerned again. Robo Baby, ahoy!

Ohhh the possibilities! 😍🌟✨

I feel very relaxed about the whole idea. I guess I AM ready. It certainly took a while.

Hawt. πŸ’ͺ

Meanwhile in preparation of packing another 30 pounds onto my already not-needing-any-extra-weight bod, AND with the strong desire of core strengthening, Josh and I have started a weight-training program. It’s from a weight-training book I’ve had since oh, 2012 or so. Heh heh heh sigh.

Maggie is like, so OVER Halloween already.

Maggie is like, so OVER Halloween already.

Welcome to your nightmares.

Posting pictures of these masks every year guarantees horrified responses. I can barely tolerate it when Josh puts this one on. Noooooo!

Phyllis is getting the glitter treatment today. And I'm dangerously close to running out of my favorite neon glitter! 😿

I had a tragic accident with the neon pink glitter the other day, and now it accidentally has yellow and green mixed into it. Tragic indeed, because I have not been able to find neon glitter of this caliber for YEARS, and I do mean, YEARS. I’ve been parceling it out in tiny increments and always pouring it back into the bottle because I treasure it so.

Painting workstation, currently. I'm watching a doc about Richard Pryor. 🎨

I ordered a couple of neon glitter samples from two sellers on Etsy so that I can finish the Phyllis painting, but of course they aren’t as good as my favorite neon glitter. Should I look into making my own glitter? I mean…really.

Two new additions to my turban collection. The white one is for my Halloween costume. 🌟

The hot pink turban I bought at Patricia Field in NYC for something like 6 bucks…now I kind of wish I had gotten one in every color of the rainbow. The white turban is for my Halloween costume. I’m tempted to cover it with sequins.

The main part of my Halloween costume arrived today. I'm not a fan of white clothes...they always seem like a blank canvas to me. 🎨

Here’s the dress part of my costume…first try-on. Needs undergarments. Spanx are the devil!

I πŸ’™ Amy Schumer.

Have you seen the latest Amy Schumer stand-up, “Live at the Apollo”? We had a few chuckles, but agreed that it wasn’t as funny as some of her other work.

These "Chinese Lantern" plants are awfully cute. πŸŽƒ

I spied these “Chinese Lantern” plants at the hardware store and thought, “Awwww…I want one!” immediately followed by the thought, “Awwww…I’d kill that!

This is how my husband spelled "cream cheese" this morning. How concerned should I be?

This is how my husband recently spelled “cream cheese” on the grocery list. On a scale of 1 to 10, how concerned should I be?

Much needed/appreciated post-work dog park sun therapy today. Whew. 🌞

Outdoor sunshine dog therapy is the best therapy.

Color coordination: a celebration. πŸ’™

Cheap-o turquoise jewelry from an Indian vendor in NYC. It coordinates so well with the kitchen!

My mother said these floral curtains have "angels all over them!", and now I always see the angels. Love you, Mom. πŸ˜‡

My mother squealed during her last visit, “Liz, those curtains have angels all over them!” and now I always see the angels. πŸ™‚ Love you, Mumsie.

Siiiighhhhh 😍

Last Wednesday’s episode of AHS not only featured the introduction of Angela Bassett as a sort of Pam Grier-esque badass, but an entire fashion montage of Angela and Lady Gaga’s costumes over several decades! Ooooh!

Everything on this page looks good to me, "Elle" magazine. 🌸

I’ll take everything on this page, thanks, “Elle” magazine.

Cute? Not really, but the Brooks "PureConnect" line is the most comfortable running shoe I've ever owned. πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’ͺ

My new running sneakers, the Brooks PureConnect 4’s. Not the cutest, and with WHITE SOLES (you know how I feel about white), but they feel so niiiiice.

Forgot my gloves today at the dog park, but luckily Bear Cub kept me warm. πŸ’•

I haven’t transitioned into thinking about cold weather yet, and keep forgetting a hat and gloves at the dog park. Luckily Bear Cub’s fur is really thick right now.

Ohhh Friday I'm glad you're here again. πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

Who doesn’t love this time of year?

Breakfast for dinner is the πŸ’£

As it turns out, the parade of carbs and sugars we’ve been eating since our return from NYC has been doing us zero favors (bloated stomachs and zitty skin), but I strongly felt before returning to a low carb (ish) eating plan I really really needed sausage and blueberry pancakes for dinner. We had this last night, and it was heaven.

Today we are going out thrifting to purchase the rest of our costume needs. Christy is coming over for dinner tonight, and I’m making chicken yakisoba, because at least then we’ll be eating some vegetables along with our carbs!

* Lyrics from this song, which I heard on AHS and enjoyed.

Friday Instagram Superpost

Friday Instagram Superpost

Hey buddies. I thought I’d kick off Labor Day weekend with an INSTAGRAM SUPERPOST! ie, posting all of the IG photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks so I can, um, move on with my life.

Mother and daughter Butter Pecan Flavor Burst Good Times! 🍦🍦

How did I forget to post this picture of Mom and I during my Boise chronicles? It’s one of my favorites from the entire trip! Sitting outside Delsa’s with butter pecan Flavor Burst cones (note the size of mine compared to hers, bwa ha haaaaaaa).

“Did you whiten my teeth?” she asked me when she saw this photo.

“Yep!” I do that, you know. Free of charge. ‘Cause I care.

...and Wild Animal Number Two, as well! Have you hugged your dog today? πŸ’•

Bear Schnubs and I at the dogpark yesterday.

TGIF! I'll be spending my weekend with Wild Animal Number 1...

She cuddled up to me while I threw the ball for this wild animal.Β 

Turns out this polyester dress I've owned for __ years is perfect for #gameday (I don't watch the game but I care about the emotional stability of those around me ha haaaa). πŸ’šπŸ’™
Yesterday’s work outfit, minus the short-sleeved cardigan I wore over the top. It was a Seahawks game day, and as it turns out, this polyester green and blue dress I bought 10,000 years ago has Seahawks colors, delighting most of my patients, who are fans.

My new glasses. Can you tell I'm a fan of Dame Edna?! πŸ‘“

My new, ridiculous glasses from Zenni that only set me back 30 clams (well, 30 for the frames at any rate). I’ve always wanted cat-eye glasses and when I saw these online, they just screamed LIZ BUY ME and who could resist? So Dame Edna!

It’s official,” Christopher texted to me when I sent him this picture. “You REALLY are a fag!

Thank you,” I replied.

We finally agreed on a color: chartreuse! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’š

After smearing 8 different shades of green on the office walls, Josh and I finally came to an agreement on chartreuse. Hurrah!

I was kinda critical of the previous owners' painting job until Josh and I re-painted the office. Ha!

Whoops! Apparently even using painter’s tape doesn’t guarantee a clean edge. Well, it WAS my first time ever painting an entire room, I expected mistakes. In fact, that’s why I wanted to paint the office first, because it’s a room that neither one of us care too much about.Β 

Bear Cub does not enjoy riding in the car. πŸ‘Ž

Josh brought the girls to the airport to pick me up on Sunday. Here’s Bear Cub looking supremely uncomfortable on the drive home. Poor little Cub!

Little Fluffy Clouds ☁️

Yesterday at the dog park I had the unique experience of having both sunshine piercing my eyeballs AND little droplets of rain showering on my head. No rainbow though. Harrumph.

Testing kitchen paint colors last night while listening to the Die Antwoord Pandora station. The letters match the color names. Which one is your fave? πŸ’™

The current state of the kitchen. Josh talked me into choosing two colors, so we are going with A (Art Deco Dreams) for the main kitchen color and P (Dip in the Pool) for the dining room. Mmmm, aquaaaaa.

Recent important additions to our cd collection 🐢

Recent important additions to our c.d. collection. I can listen to this song a LOT before I get sick of it.Β 

Hooray! "How to Get Dressed" by one of my fave @xojanedotcom writers, @alisonfreer arrived! Already I'm loving the chapter on laundry (and relieved that I'm doing it mostly right) ✨

I’d had this book in my wish list for a long time and went ahead and ordered it recently. I was relieved while reading the chapter on laundry to discover that I’m doing it mostly right! Mostly.

Oh Baddiewinkle! βœ¨πŸ’šβœ¨

Not into Baddie Winkle yet? You should be! She basically has my dream wardrobe.

Hangin' with my homies. 🎾

Celebrating National Dog Day with a couple of dogs.


Surprisingly tasty!

1985?! This chick looks like a modern-day hipster.

Hey nostalgic weirdos (like myself), did you know that Old School episodes of “Reading Rainbow” are on Netflix? I couldn’t believe this chick from the first episode (1985!), looking exactly like a modern-day hipster. The more things change, eh?

Recovering from a root canal, and the dogs are being very sweet. πŸ’›

Last Monday, root canal day. Being comforted by Schnubs.

With my Birthday Broad, @corinne_spoja πŸ’–πŸ’•βœ¨

Did I ever blog about The Broad’s birthday dinner? I feel like the answer is yes, and yet–I don’t remember posting this picture. I offered up “The Crab Cracker” in Kirkland as a possible dinner option, and she went for it. Here we are after stuffing our faces.

Celebrating the beautiful busty @corinne_spoja's b-day tonight with creme brûlée 😍

My Broad enjoying her birthday creme brulee. Josh and I split a piece of coconut creme pie with Lorna Doone crust that was incredible. Let’s face it, I’m basically only dieting now so I can eat my way through New York. Makes sense, rrrrrright?


A little green-spiration at “Display & Costume” a few weeks ago.

Oof! That blog entry ended up taking a whole lot longer than planned due to about 42395482942534 different distractions. How do writers do it? REAL writers I mean. If you find out, let me know.

Boise, days 4 and 5: nature, puppy love and tie-dye conspiracies

Boise, days 4 and 5: nature, puppy love and tie-dye conspiracies

pretty garden

Cowabunga, blog! Let’s explore Days 4 and 5 of my trip to Boise. Saturday morning I went for my “long” training run. It was supposed to be 6 miles, but I ran 5 miles and intended on taking the Little Nipper around the block a few times to finish up the last mile.


We ended up getting sidetracked by a neighbor with a lost dog, but there is no doubt that I at least WALKED a couple more miles with Lucy that day. Wanna get in shape? Get a Lab puppy. NON-STOP ENERGY.

mystery pod tree

Labs of any age, really. I just walked my Lab over to the park after I got off work and chugged the obligatory cuppa coffee. The sun came out! All is right in the world.


pear tree

This pear tree was bursting with fruit. Too bad I didn’t have anything to carry them in, during my run. One of the neighbors told me I could help myself to her raspberries, but I ran out of time.

Black Eyed Susans galore

baby grapes

A grapevine will always catch my eye.

teal bicycle plant holder

Later on my mother and I went to the pet store to buy some dog treats for Lucy. I considered buying Lucy a leash harness (she’s in the chewing-on-the-leash phase), but changed my mind when 1. I saw the price tag and 2. realized that no one besides me would use it. Speaking of overpriced goods, this cute little teal plant holder was over 100 bucks! Ha!

roses in the front yard

Little pink roses in my parents’ front yard.

Lucy thrashes around her doggie bed

Lucy thrashing around her doggy bed. My mom and I ate the exact same thing for dinner that we had the night before (my request): salmon and broccoli, and then it was time to take Lucy for another walk to “get the energy out”. Riiiight.

rainbow over a house

Our timing was perfect because we saw an amazing rainbow stretched across the sky!

colors in the sky

Ooooh, ahhhhh.

amazing clouds

The sky was a lot of fun to look at that evening.

quicker than a ray of light

Look at these crazy rays of light! What a show.

incredible sky

I even did a little panoramic.

Lucy has a stick

The following morning, I was up and at ’em outside with Lucy, trying to let Mom sleep in. Sunday was her first 10 hour shift at work–she recently switched to 4 10 hour shifts. We’re all hoping she likes it better. Three days off sounds nice.

early unfinished pencil drawing

Old unfinished Lizzy art decorating the walls of my old bedroom.

heart tree

Heart tree, outside. “Looks like a butt,” remarked my husband. Uh huh.

Lucy on the table

“Pay attention to meeeeeeee…”

beautiful yellow flowers

What are these flowers?! If I had seen the owner of the house out and about, I would have asked. Beautiful.

flower medley

Lucy and I went for one last walk together (sniff).

Lucy and Lizzie have one last walkOur last selfie together. Awww!

I opted to wear a tie-dyed dress to the airport, although I suspected I would probably get searched, because I ALWAYS seem to get searched at the Boise airport. Never Sea-Tac. Not once at Sea-Tac! I went through the body scanner, and then they pet me down thoroughly, supposedly because my thin silver chain set off their sensor. Riiiiight. I expected it, but was still surprised when they set my purse aside to be searched. Oh, Idaho, I inwardly groaned.

The woman searching my purse started taking an extra long time, however–and when she started closely scrutinizing my protein bars I finally asked, “Do you mind if I ask what you’re looking for?”

“The machine showed some kind of multi-tool,” she replied.

My mind went blank. “Multi-tool? I don’t even know what that is.”

Suddenly she whipped out a multi-tool, a pink one. I lurched towards her, totally shocked. “I had no idea that was in there!” I cried (truth).

She started babbling about protocols and I cut her off, saying, “Just throw it out!” and then she handed me my purse back.

I was so taken aback (why was there a multi-tool in my purse? Why didn’t it show up at Sea-Tac?) that I immediately called Josh.

“Something weird just happened to me at the Boise airport,” I whispered, certain that everyone was listening to my conversation. “They found a multi-tool in my purse and I’m pretty sure they put it there as an excuse to search my stuff…I mean, I am wearing tie-dye…”

“Oh, you mean the one I got you for Christmas? You put it in your purse. Don’t you remember?”

SHIT. FOILED AGAIN, BAD MEMORY. I hadn’t been carrying my leather purse for a couple of months and had completely forgotten that 1. Josh bought me a friggin’ pink multi-tool and 2. I put it in my purse? What a weird place to carry it. Whoops. So much for that gift!

so long Boise

Now re-assured (by my own incompetence), I enjoyed my one-hour flight back home. So long Idaho!

above the clouds

I read “Role Models” by my boyfriend John Waters and when the girl next to me ordered Bailey’s with her coffee, I popped my last Norco from the dentist. Good Times!

rainbow over Seattle

What did I see flying into Seattle? Why a beautiful rainbow, of course! Awwwww.

Welp, that wraps it up. All in all, a good trip. I got to spend time with all of my family members, and little Lucy too, before she grows up! Sigh. Puppy love.

Puppy Paradise in Boise, day 1 and 2

Puppy Paradise in Boise, day 1 and 2

Hey blog heyyyyy. I can’t believe I’m sitting here in the office in FLEECE JAMMIES IN AUGUST blogging, but the weather in Seattle has suddenly taken a nosedive towards cold and here we are.

Guess where it wasn’t cold? Boise, where I visited last week! Let’s explore the first 1.5 days of my trip.

flying over Mount Hood

Taken via the window seat, which I always opt for. Mount Hood! With a little saturation added, you understand. The window was filthy (nice work, Delta airlines).

my bruddah

My father picked me up from the airport Wednesday afternoon, and after a quick detour to the house to meet the Little Nipper, we were off to the Olive Garden (not my choice) to meet up with my brother and his wife for dinner. My brother was wearing a snazzy Hawaiian shirt that he bought in Hawaii, so I took a picture.

first sunset

The sunset on the drive home was beautiful.

Baby Lucy

The Little Nipper! Her name is Lucy, she’s a little over 3 months old, and she basically just wants to chew on things all day long, except for when she’s sleeping. It’s like Maggie dog allll over again. She’s half Lab, half border collie, and black and white, just like Maggie dog. Lucy’s favorite thing to chew on is human flesh.

little miss chewy chomp

Also little rawhide sticks, peanut-butter filled Kongs (a great 10 minute diversion), flesh, did I mention flesh?

Lucy at the window

When she wasn’t causing me bodily harm, we had a great time together. I brought my parents two puppy training books, a magazine about training Labs and the first season of “The Dog Whisperer”…for their own good.

Lucy and the dog bed

Lucy trying to figure out this whole “dog bed” idea.

the cutest

Impossible to stay mad at this little face!

L & L outside

The next morning Lucy and my mother and I went for a walk. It was probably already close to 90 degrees outside when my mother took this picture. GROSS, IDAHO!

puppy love

“Who’s a little girl? Huh? Huh? Huh? Oharggswgshsfffff…”

Lucy finds a stick

Thursday was pretty uneventful. Lucy and I hung out with Mom until she left for work, and then later when my father came home Lucy and I hung out with him.

old Lizzy DIY tops

I managed to get a little organizing of my old bedroom done in between Lucy attacking my ankles. I found a bunch of old DIY hippe/raver tops that I made sloppily but still have a hard time throwing out.

Lucy is pouting

Lucy’s face when I’m not paying attention to her. Total Maggie dog face!

Santa and Lucy

Santa and Lucy. My father and I went to Qdoba for dinner, and when I told him how many calories were in theirΒ cheese quesadilla he got mad and said I “ruined” it for him and then ordered a tortilla-less burrito instead. Love! Sorry buddy but those quesadillas were ruined for me a long time ago: LOOK.

Lucy is watching the dog whisperer

Later on, we watched “The Dog Whisperer”–Lucy included! It was the cutest thing EVER. I could never get Maggie and Bear Cub to watch movies with me.

gorgeous orange flowers

Post-dinner walk with Lucy. These flowers draped over a neighbor’s fence were absolutely gorgeous. I wonder what they are?

neon flowers

Stunning! Too bad Instagram couldn’t help me with identification this time.

butter pecan at Delsas

After carb-shaming (I mean instructing) my father, I nevertheless talked him into going to Delsa’s with me so I could get one of my beloved butter pecan “Flavor Burst” cones. Mmmmmm. Never gets old.

I also talked him into driving to us my old high school (which in my mind was a lot further away), but it was all covered with construction barriers and very anti-climactic, and not at all nostalgic. Heigh ho.

Liz and Lucy are BFFs
More puppy nonsense to come! I’m gonna draaaaaaag this thing out!