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Dressing up, weight loss and cuteness

Dressing up, weight loss and cuteness

St. Patrick's Day dress
FRIIIIDAAAAYYYY! I’m so happy you are here. Here’s me on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, right before my cold hit. Still looking semi “fresh” after work. Who has time to do self portraits before work, eh? Not me, Hank McGee. This is one of my favorite vintage dresses, a cinch-y belt from Modcloth, and if you happen to be into details blogreader I also wore a white cardigan from ASOS and bronze shoes from who knows where.

St. Patrick's Day Joshy
Joshy wore this to work. His Utilitkilt fits again! Apparently all the pre-Hawaii werk we’ve been doing is paying off: WW and lots and lots of sweaty cardio. I credit all the sweaty cardio to blasting away my cold this week in 3 short days. Maybe the fish oil and Emergen-C helped too. We’ve both lost about 15 pounds since Christmas. Josh tells me only one of his co-workers has noticed/said anything about his weight loss. None of my co-workers have said anything, but I tend to gain/lose weight all over my body so 10 or 15 pounds doesn’t show that much.

However…I am starting to explore some pants in my closet that I haven’t been able to fit into for a while…SCORE. Here’s my lime-green polish against the green bedspread…because I had to.

strange brew
Joshy’s green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. He also added green food coloring to a Natty Ice with hideous results…

Joshy's green...ish beer last night. That's Kate Moss pouting over his shoulder.
Bah ha ha ha. He sure is cute though.

sister and brother
Speaking of cute, how great is this picture of Josh and his sister? I need to post it on her FB wall. This is a keeper. We had a great brunch last Sunday with her and Jerry and the kiddies. Note to self: DO THAT MORE OFTEN.

Ronia is cute
And of course sassy little Ronia, covered with red marker. The kids were great at breakfast…no meltdowns, no disasters! Ahhhhh. They grow up so quickly.

What a week. The last two weeks at work have been…a lot. Doing 5-7 hours of cognitive therapy per day can wear a girl out, lemme tell ya. I barely function when I get off of work…dog park, dinner, and then some cardio or Blogilates while we watch something mindless and/or funny. Rinse, repeat.

But never mind all that, because it’s springtime and the sun is shining! My plans for this weekend include lots of being outside in the sun sun sun. I crave it. And you, blogreader? Care to tell me what you’re up to this weekend? Can we tawwwwk?

Frisky Frock Friday

Frisky Frock Friday

magenta dress stretch
Happy Frock Friday! I picked up this little number at Old Navy (shhhh–don’t tell anyone) for El Cheapo. It’s incredible comfortable and I’m a little obsessed with it, so I went back to get it in more colors and it was sold out. It is not, however, sold out online–so I bought it in blue! I had to resist buying it in that bright yellow-green color that I’m always attracted to that looks horrible on me. Someone with olive skin tones could pull it off.

magenta dress prance
Speaking of skin, mine is currently orange. I got a fake tan last night in preparation for the Color Run Sunday. I’m also thinking about getting some neon running shorts, but I’m not sure who would have them. I feel too orange to go to the gym this morning, so I think the rogs and I will just have a nice brisk walk outside. Then Corinne and I have a date to go back to the Body Shop. I bought a rose-scented hand lotion (even the salesgirl told me not to), and sure enough, HORRIBLE. I’m going to return it for the hemp, which I should have bought in the first place because I already know I like it. It has patchouli undertones and everyone knows hippies love patchouli!

What are YOU doing this weekend, blog-log? Tell me tell me tell me.

Fun Frock Friday!

Fun Frock Friday!

ice cream dress
Happy Fun Frock Friday! Here’s the overpriced sundress I paid 70+ dollars forย from Modcloth. As a seamstress/long time thrifter, I should not be suckered in like that, but I WAS.

ice cream dress in the yard
After I ironed it (I don’t know why but every Modcloth dress I’ve received in the mail comes thoroughly crumpled up) and let out the straps a little, I realized it’s not too short. The length is fine. Maybe it’s the style that bothers me–that short torso/full skirt style that borders on looking maternity. In any case, it grew on me, and I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer, sans cardigan, with a (fake) tan and strappy sandals.

Bear Cub wants attention
Bear Cub, who generally avoids the camera, managed to insert herself into the last couple of shots. Silly Cub.

back of ice cream dress
Tra la leeeee!

The weather forecast for the next 5 days shows 5 cloud-free yellow suns, with promises of temps 70+. YES YES YES. I plan out taking my pale ass (and two black furry asses) outside every day! Adorably, a school in Washington even had a “Sun Day” today! Do you love it or what?

(Flashback) Frock Friday

(Flashback) Frock Friday
blue dress II by EP Holcomb
blue dress II, a photo by EP Holcomb on Flickr.

I like this trend of “Flashback Friday” and “Throwback Thursday”–you can be totally lazy and just toss up an old picture and still be on trend! Like I’m EVER “on trend”, bwa ha. Ha ha ha. This picture is from 2011, the last time I was skinny, evidently. The dress is a cheap-o old sundress I had found rummaging around in my old bedroom at my parent’s house, the sort of style I wore a lot in my 20’s, when I was okay with going braless. Now–never.

What’s happening, Friday? This weekend I want to get the snow tires taken off my car, and go to the nursery to get things to start planting. It’s that time of year again! How about you? Whatchu doin’?

Frock Friday returns!

Frock Friday returns!

grapes dress and petticoat
Happy Frock Friday! Yesterday, after feeling bolstered up with some mint chocolate chip ice cream (low carb diet wha??? My excuse is, I’m still waiting for “The New Atkins Diet Revolution” to come in the mail–why you so slow, Amazon?) (not to mention, who wants to do a low carb diet when you have the flu?) I had a burst of sugar-fueled energy for 15 or so minutes and snapped some self portraits. Grapes dress by moi. Petticoat from the Holy of Holies, “Petticoat Junction”. Shoes by…wait a minute, what am I doing? This ain’t no fashion blog. SHOES BY I’M NOT TELLING!

I feel normal again today. Apparently that was the flu that I had. Pure karma from bragging to everyone about how I never get the flu, I’m sure. Back to the gym today! I made some poor eating choices last night, oy. We don’t need to get into that right now. The Broad has the next three days off from work; hopefully she is prepared to hang out with me. It’s payday! That means Sephora Day! Maybe. The Boy is abandoning me tonight for night skiing, and most likely half the weekend too,ย so I forced him to do something “fun” with me at least ONE day this weekend, like go to the Warhol exhibit. The flowers! I always liked Warhol’s flowers! Did you know he did a drag queen series too? It’s true. Happy weekend, blog-logs!

Frock Friday!

Frock Friday!

mirror stretch
Happy Frock Friday! This particular frock is from a trip to the thrift store I took last summer toย obtain some goodies for myself and Helga Von Trollop, who I met in July, in Portland (FUN!). I bought Helga an adorable yellow paisley head scarf, and gold/rhinestone sunburst earrings and brooch, which OF COURSE I left sitting at home! Typical!

It’s Friiiiday again. This week flew by! I worked two days, the Boy started watching “Drag Race” with me (he claims he’s been interested all along but I’m pretty sure he started watching it because now his brother-in-law does), I had a Broad Date, I lost a pound. Not too shabby. Tonight I think we’re going out to dinner. Corinne texted me to say that she was kicking off her low carb diet today. Maggie ate my last remaining EOS lip balm–apparently, even at AGE SEVEN, she cannot be trusted! Have a flab-u-lous weekend!