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Well I know I need I feel we’re going higher and higher*

Well I know I need I feel we’re going higher and higher*

Hey blog heyyyyyy. This is how I’ve been looking a lot this past week: happy outside with the sun in my curls. Yes CURLS! Wanna know how to make lasting curls in stick-straight, super-fine hair? Here’s my process:

1. Wash/dry hair.
2. Spray down hair (lightly) with salt spray of choice (right now I’m using “Got2B”, but I’m eagerly waiting for the cult sea spray by John Frieda to arrive in the mail).

3. Roll hair with soft, snap curlers (eliminating those annoying lines from the old-fashioned foam rollers). I only use 5.

4. Lightly spray hair with setting mist, blow dry.
5. Go to bed and wake up with Magic Curls that last all day!

It’s a little more work at night, for sure, but in the morning all you have to do is remove the curlers and it’s GLAMAZON. I do this every other night; the rest of the time I wear my hair in a braid or a bun. My next hair goal is to learn how to do a fishtail braid. It’s good to have goals.

I went with Mucha for my new iphone case. I bought it from Etsy–Etsy has every kind of iphone case imaginable! It was really hard narrowing down which one to buy. I “favorited” about 20 before settling. Etsy has really grown since I opened up my painting shop in…2008? Wow, that seems like a long time ago.

There have been a lot more little kids playing outside these days, so Maggie and Bear Cub have received lots of extra pets from tiny hands. They are both good with children–mellow and patient. Thank goodness.

Maggie and Bear Cub and my black glitter polish, which at week 3 is finally starting to look a little rough. However, I have a Broad Date this weekend! On Superbowl Sunday, as a matter of fact. I’m 98.5% sure Josh will be going to his grandparents’ house to watch the big game, so I will be going over to the Broad’s house for a nail date and a cat date and probably a fattening food date, because on Monday I’m launching a low carb…well, let’s not say DIET. Let’s say…lifestyle change. And I promise not to talk about it. Because I know it’s boring boring boring (review the last 10 years of my blog for diet talk if interested).

Pretty rainbow park bench.

Some of my ladies in the parlor. The top four are for sale!
Hey ladies!

What else is happening? I might have a slight job change, although more about that later. I spent the first half of this week with a weird left foot pain (the TOP of my foot, which none of the physical therapists I work with were able to figure out), but it seems to be subsiding. Today is my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary! I have two more years before I have to figure out something cool to do with them to celebrate. I’m up to Season 3 of “Friends” (I know). I’m reading “Wild”. Um…reaching…reaching…that’s all for now. Go Hawks?

* “I Got a Girl” by Tripping Daisy, satisfying your 90’s nostalgia today:

Wild wacky stuff

Wild wacky stuff

Oh my blog! I really don’t know what to make of this 60 degree, sunny weather in January. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s WONDERFUL…but it’s a little creepy too, huh? What does that mean for the summer? Is it going to start reaching…(gasp)…90 degrees in Seattle? Eh. We can worry about it then. Meanwhile, just look at this gorgeous, trail-riddled dog park I discovered 10 minutes away from the New House yesterday. Mmmmm hmmmmmm. Good Times were had by all.

yellow pleated skirt
I rarely go thrifting, but when I do I seem to have excellent luck. Over the weekend I scored a pair of slacks, a black satin-necked silky Banana Republic tee-shirt (shown above), three beautiful skirts (the yellow pleated shown above was an impulse buy; I’ll probably re-consider it quickly), a lovely plum deep v-neck top, a white 3/4-sleeve top (I realized I don’t own a single white shirt) (maybe that’s okay), AND a fun little navy frock all for 50 bucks. 50 BUCKS. You can’t even buy a pair of jeans at a conventional store anymore for 50 bucks! Once a thrifter, always a thrifter.

I also paid a visit to my favorite hair stylist with some very specific demands: I wanted her to clean up my bangs, give the bottom of my hair a trim with a “U” shape, give me a few layers in front…

shaved back
…and then, somewhat daringly, I had her shave those AWFUL nape hairs off the back of my head that have been torturing me for years. They never grow longer than about 3 inches and they make every bun and braid look sloppy. I don’t miss them a bit. Of course, now Josh will have to give me a maintenance shave every so often…but I’m sure he won’t mind.

nailpolish rack
I finally ordered a nail polish rack from Amazon (for only 30 bucks!) after failing to find one around town. I forced myself to toss a few bottles out, including a bottle of MAC that has to be 20 years old that I kept for sentimental reasons (because my cousin Susan gave it to me).

a rainbow of colors
I actually managed to fit my entire huge bucket ‘o’ polish on the rack, except for the clear top coats. Next goal: arranging my acrylic paint like this! So satisfying.

Speaking of paint, here’s the current painting in progress. I’m enjoying working on it…while I watch “Friends” on Netflix. I KNOW I KNOW I’M ASHAMED TOO but I never watched it in the 90’s! I just fast forward through all the Ross-centric scenes, especially the ones with the monkey, UGH.

Shalom is looking awfully classy in our laundry room.

Sunshine-induced seretonin is coursing through my veins! Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go immerse myself into a bag of Juanita’s tortilla chips. YUM.

Bound to be the very next phase

Bound to be the very next phase

Soooo grainy. Now that I have a new iphone that doesn’t have a case partly covering the flash, I should remember to USE THE FLASH sometimes! This was my “big hair” night a’la Kissyfur. Speaking of big hair (attempts), I bought one of those hair donuts that were all the rage in 2013 and Christopher showed me how to use it. I wore the donut in my hair two days ago to work but took it out when I got home before I could document it. It does make my hair look BIGGER! Always a good thing!

Imagine my surprise to see our bulbs coming up already…in January! That’s too early, bulbs! They must be confused because it’s been so warm. It’s supposed to be partly sunny and 57 this weekend…which sounds positively dreeeeeeamy for January.

Finally finished this book, and when I say that this is the most interesting book about running I’ve ever read, I really mean it! Christopher McDougall is an incredibly colorful writer, and has a way of describing the people in this book that rivets you. An excellent read.

Schnubs at the window, doing her watchdog thang.

I kept seeing this lotion pop up online in the circles I travel in (snicker) so I finally just went ahead and purchased it. I’m about to run out of my favorite coconut lotion since 2011, “Pure Fiji”, and was ready for something new. Smells nice…I’ll have to test it on my skin tonight and see what happens.

An item that had been languishing on my Amazon wish list since 2010: “Electrical Banana”, a book entirely about psychedelic art, which I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember. Something about psychedelic art from the 1960’s does fun stuff to my brain, and always will.

Grooooovy, baby, yeah! The book also has some 6o’s fashion in it…maybe that will be the kick in the pants I need to start a sewing project. It’s been too long, sewing machine!

I’m vibrating on my 4th cup of coffee right now, thanks to one of my bosses who sweetly bought me a latte today. Me, turn down coffee? Never. Tomorrow marks my 7th year of a Booze-Free Existence, so maybe I’ll force Josh to take me out to dinner. Or maybe on Saturday I’ll just treat myself to a haircut…things are getting mighty raggy ’round here. Have a fab-u-lous weekend blogeroos!

Liz ‘n’ Kissyfur, part 2 (with bonus video)

Liz ‘n’ Kissyfur, part 2 (with bonus video)

Here’s a quick little video of Christopher giving Josh a salon treatment in our kitchen, with Blondie playing in the background. I made a short video because I needed to dance around, and it’s hard to dance and videotape!

C curling
Here’s me ‘n’ Kissy Saturday night. Josh’s hair had been cut and colored at this point, so Christopher turned his attention to my hairs and decided to spray, tease and curl my mop into Big Hairdom.

C teasing
It took a while…it’s a team effort to get this hair of mine to do anything! Last year’s perm is more or less gone by now. While he worked on my hair he introduced us to “Suburgatory” (cute show) and “Paper Moon” (sweet film).

so many curlers
Close-up of all the curlers. Every time I said “Ow!” when he pulled or teased too hard, Josh yelled, “Beauty is pain!”

J and Lily relaxing
Speaking of that dude. His hair is completely brown again…I don’t think I’ve ever seen it completely brown, this past 9 years that we’ve been together. He’s always had a touch of grey. Maybe. I’d have to consult old photos. Look at poor little Trazadone-drugged Lily! Her barking was escalating so Christopher gave her a doll. She’s a very talkative dog.

BC is bored
Bear Cub wasn’t drugged, just bored. This is her and Maggie’s default position, unless we’re playing outside.

a lotta look
Ta DA! Big hair again! It looked fantastic for about a half an hour that night, but the next morning was just a frizzy mess. Oh well. Christopher gave me a lot of helpful hints…he even watched me complete my routine for doing my bangs so he could FINALLY tell me what I was doing wrong. And right.

Anna May Wong
Christopher’s beautiful Anna May Wong tattoo. His tattoo artist is very talented with portraits.

I like the colored stars, too.

Blythe dolls
We didn’t have a lot of time the next day to spend together before I had to drive Christopher back downtown, but he did take the time to pull out his Blythe dolls and show me all of their outfits and accessories. I had never seen a Blythe doll in real life before–their heads are enormous! And shiny! My favorite feature is that when you pull the string, their eyes change color.

Blythe shoes
I’ve never been a doll person but I can understand the appeal–especially after I looked at the tiny shoes. Look at the little studded patent creepers! Maw!

Christopher’s visit was much too short, but we accomplished nearly everything we wanted to–going to see Dame Edna’s Farewell Tour! Eating at Dick’s! Lots of Christopher cooking! Beauty shopping! And special bonus hair cuts, colors, and styles! I’m going to try to convince him to come dogsit for us when we go to New Yawk later this year–Maggie and Bear Cub love their Aunt Kissy. What a fun weekend it was!

Coming up next: I found a bunch of videos on my camera that I never bothered to upload to Youtube, so I’m going to do that finally and we’ll have some fun!

Kissy and hair colors and Dame Edna too

Kissy and hair colors and Dame Edna too

Edna makeup
Dressed up for the Dame Saturday night.

Dealing with Seattle traffic on a Friday afternoon is no fun at all, so instead of a lot of last-minute stress it was decided that Josh and I would meet Christopher at the show downtown Friday night instead of meeting halfway.

getting ready
This was just fine by me–I had already taken the day off work, the sun was shining and the weather was un-seasonably warm. I had all day to exercise myself and the pets, clean up the house a little more, go purchase a new phone with Josh (the first iphone that I’ve had to pay for, thanks to Jerry), and then have PLENTY of time to get ready for the Dame.

I like boring things
In the end I went with almost the same exact outfit I wore to a R.A.W. art show back in 2011–the silver petticoat, a little sparkly tank top I’ve had since the raver years, Lurex cardigan and my Andy Warhol “I like boring things” pin.

excited twirling
I chose the purple wig, and instead of glitter tights and flat shoes I wore matte black stockings and my black suede wedges. I need height! I forgot to take pictures of Josh before we left (because I’m selfish), but he wore a lavender shirt, black slacks and his black Doc Martens.

mirror test
I’m really happy I chose this outfit because not only did I feel adorable, but the feedback from the audience for Dame Edna was fantastic–in a sea of black and khaki I really stood out. I may have been the only audience member in a wig, can you imagine?

Lizzy and Kissy
Traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as we expected and we were 45 minutes early to the show, but that worked out well because it was more time to spend with Kissy! He wore a sweater vest and wool pants and sweated like crazy up in the “Pauper” seats (as Edna referred to them). Luckily when the show started there were several rows in front of us that were empty, so we were able to move closer, and that seemed a little cooler. And I was worried about being too cold, ha!

Kissy and Lizzy
We had plenty of time to sip coffee (there was a full bar, including a special “Possum” drink) and gab before the show. Everywhere I went I received compliments on my outfit–especially the silver petticoat! The spaceship is a real crowd-pleaser!

One lady came up to me and told me that she had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and she wanted to know where I purchased my wig because if her hair fell out, she wanted to cover it up with something fun! I encouraged her to get a wig in every color, and Christopher reassured her that she was going to beat cancer’s ass, and she looked happy when she walked away from us. Good vibes at the Dame Edna show!

three happy faces
Originally we weren’t able to purchase tickets to sit together in the same row, but some kind people let Christopher take their spot, and later on Christopher’s friends Sue and Jolie joined us.

beautiful ceiling at the Moore Theatre
The ceiling of the Moore Theatre is beautiful.

Right before the show started Christopher was fiddling around with his camera and an usher ran up to him and informed him that absolutely no photography was allowed during the show. He was a little perturbed, but I’m used to this so I didn’t push it. I didn’t even sneak a photo, just in case the flash randomly went off on the new phone. Not worth getting kicked out for! Later on during the gladiola dance the audience was encouraged to take photos, which I thought was great.

During intermission, Josh and I stayed in our seats and people-watched while Christopher and his friends went outside for a smoke. The crowd wasn’t particularly colorful at the show, but everyone was nice!

And what a show it was! We all laughed our asses off. There was a funny little montage at the beginning of the show a’la “National Enquirer” exposing the Dame’s naughty behavior, lots of hilarious jokes, singing and dancing, a lot of making fun of the audience (no one was spared), another video montage at the end spanning Edna’s 60 years of show business, and Barry Humphries out of drag came onstage dressed as himself and very humbly and sweetly thanked everyone for coming to the show. What a lovely final farewell. And Edna certainly has a lot of spring in her step for an 80-year-old!

Christopher briefly appears in a caftan
After the show we stopped at the Dicks’s in Queen Anne–which has a sit-down restaurant, and feasted on cheeseburgers and shakes. Back at the house, Christopher put on the caftan that I had thoughtfully left out and we relaxed and chatted for a little while before bedtime.

L and L
Yesterday we stayed pretty busy all day long–the morning started with a fantastic breakfast of Monte Cristo casserole (which is just as decadent as it sounds), constructed by Christopher. I’m going to have to get that recipe. Mmmmmm.

Joshy and Lily
After breakfast, Christopher and I drove to a beauty supply shop, where we used his beauty school discount to purchase hair products galore for Josh and I. I bought a liter of shampoo that would normally cost me over 30 dollars for 11 dollars! Score! We also stopped at Sally Beauty Supply for everything we didn’t buy at the beauty supply store, Pacific Fabrics for yarn, and lastly to the corner market for more eggs for round 2 of the Saturday feasting.

Kissy cooking
For the second meal, Christopher concocted a massive seafood frittata, with crab (okay, “krab”) and shrimp and gobs of cheese, spinach, mushrooms and onions. Delicious. He promised to cook and did not let us down.

His friend Sue is a manager at L’Occitane, and he let me play with all of the goodies she gave him. This hand scrub was really nice, as was the peach body wash.

Josh and Lily
Lily getting some hugs from Uncle Josh. She’s a lover!

dogs on the floor
I was a little disappointed that Bear Cub and Lily didn’t play as hard as they used to, but maybe now that Bear Cub is 6 she’s a little more reserved, or grumpy, or Bear Cub-ish than she used to be. Heigh ho. Lily received plenty of snuggles from Josh and I.

I’ve tried convincing Josh to color his hair previously with no success, but he made a deal with Christopher that if Christopher gave his hair a trim, he would let him color it. I was amazed he relented, but Josh has been coloring his beard with “Just for Men” (a little secret he let me in on at Christmas), so what’s the big deal? Anyway grey hair is BORING.

hair color
Good-bye grey, hello brown! If we didn’t have jobs where we were expected to be “professionals”, a fun color would always be…fun, but that ship has sailed. Now we have to have normal hair colors. Oh well! I’ll always have wigs!

Stay tuned for part 2–Josh reveals his new hair! Christopher gives me BIG HAIR, and much much more!

Hair, hair, hair. Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it, my hair.

Hair, hair, hair. Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it, my hair.

Two perms + sleeping with soft rollers = the curls of my dreeeeams!
Ta dahhhhhh! My dream hair. Well…almost. Ignore the bangs–I had to run my fingers through them to break them up a little bit–stick-straight bangs + curly hair is NOT the look. To achieve this Dream Hair I had to undergo 2 perms, spritz my hair with this stuff, AND sleep in soft foam rollers overnight. Bonus: not having to “do” my hair in the morning! I was surprised that it didn’t save me more time. Heigh ho.

Happy SaturGAY what do you have planned? I am going to paint my nails a color by Sally Hansen called “Sonic Boom” (neon reddish-pink), exercise the body, and drag my husband to Lowe’s to get some seeds/soil/potting supplies for our garden. He’s taking the pets for a run right now, which is wonderful. The weather lately has been total gloom and doom–I’ll be stoked if we get 30 minutes of partial sun today. Oof, “spring”.

In other news, I bought myself a ONE PIECE BATHING SUIT yesterday…what am I, an old woman or something? I don’t know what came over me. The last one piece I owned was a black Speedo when I was a teenager. However, I just couldn’t resist: LOOK AT IT. OMG. I figure I can bring all my bikinis to Kauai “just in case”, bwa ha. Now I need to find the perfect sunglasses. Cat eye, gotta be cat eye.

Curly Two

Curly Two

Here we go again...
LOOK everyone, it’s a blurry photo of yours truly getting yet another PERM! That’s riiiiiight.

Yesterday after work I drove to the salon that offered to perhaps re-do what the first salon failed to do for what I assumed was just a consultation. Turns out the hairstylist had blocked off a nice 3 hour timeframe just in case I wanted to do the perm…and she talked me into it. Covered my head with a ton of peach, orange, and a few tiny pink rods, let the solution sizzle (for a much shorter amount of time, this time around), rinsed, dried, added the neutralizing agent, and BAM! Curl city.

Of course today things are a little flatter–I had to run a pick through my hair before work, and that definitely took away some curl, but what else could I do? I mean, curly-haired people comb and brush their hair too, right? Tonight I’m going to sleep with a few soft rollers in and see what happens. I have some exciting “curl-enhancing” spray containing sugar to amp it up as well.

Better pictures to come! Right now I gotta exercise some pets.