I had a baby!

I had a baby!

Last day of work outfit (for a while). My boss remarked that I had the face of someone about to go into labor. Well yeah!
Hi blog! I don’t look like this any more, because I had my baby! Yayyyyy! Betcha didn’t think I would be blogging again so soon. I know I didn’t. But here I am.

This week I upped the daily dog walk from one a day to two. Let's GO, labor! 💪
Last week/weekend we tried and tried to induce labor naturally–by extra walks, yoga, eating fresh pineapple, eating dates for weeks on end, sex…

Final night of the perv mustache: the John Waters.
…with a perv mustache! The joys!

Josh and I collaborated on this amazing eggplant Parmesan tonight. Apparently basil and oregano induce labor? If not, it certainly is delicious! 😍
Even collaborating in the kitchen on a giant pan of Eggplant Parmesan, which, although delicious, did not make my child want to leave the cozy confines of my womb any more. Harrumph.

Guess who's been glued to my side all day? Oh yeah. They know something's up.
My parents arrived into town last Sunday and spent the night with us. We feasted on Eggplant Parmesan and I got a whole lot more sleep than I expected to get the night before my induction.

Got to the park right before the rain started today. 💦
The induction wasn’t scheduled until 6:30 pm (women are more likely to go into labor at night), so Monday was all about keeping busily distracted.

One last dog walk with Mumsie. Today's the Big Day! 👶
For my Last Pregnant Meal I requested my mother’s macaroni and cheese, but the oven took too long to pre-heat so we all ended up having hamburgers and fries for dinner. Heigh ho!

COMING SOON. I'm making my IG private for a while. 💙💙💙
Once we got to the hospital, my OB did a cervix check and pronounced that I was already 2.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced, which she was extremely pleased about. They had a pill for me to take every 4 hours to soften my cervix, and I was allowed to take it a maximum of 6 times.

Last night with Mumsie. Made it all the way to 9 cm before getting the epidural today...now just waiting for the final descent.
That night, walking the halls with Mumsie.

Waiting for induction and pleasantly distracted by "Ab Fab" (series 1).
The pill had no other side effects, so I felt normal as we watched “Ab Fab” (series 1) and “The Other Guys” with my parents. They let me take a Benedryl to sleep (the hospital bed was insanely uncomfortable), and I had two more doses of the pill.

Still passing time, waiting for Baby M. to make his grand appearance.
The next day, they started me on pitocin to induce contractions, and we again passed the time as best we could. I ate normally, put together a jigsaw puzzle, went for little walks around the hospital floor. Around 1 pm, the contractions started to become too painful to ignore, so I sent my parents away so I could exclusively focus on getting through them, with the help of my Doula (Josh) and the nurse.

Gradually the pain got worse and worse–the nurse was excellent, she acted like a second Doula and coached Josh and I through several different positions/techniques to ease the pain. The last medicine-free resort I opted for was sitting in the bathtub and spraying warm water over myself–but then it was just too much. The nurse had told me I could opt for Fentanyl before the epidural, since once you have the epidural you are bedbound–and I called for it. MISTAKE! The Fentanyl made my tongue slurry and vision wonky, but did not relieve the pain. I needed the epidural, stat, and they immediately brought in the anesthetist to administer it to me.

I later found out that I had made it all the way to 9 cm dilation–9 cm! Me! The person who nearly passed out from having a little ankle tattoo at age 18!–before I got the epidural. Now for the next part–I couldn’t have imagined getting through the last part of labor without that epidural. Because I pushed for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. It was horrible. Towards the end they want me to “hold in” every other contraction, which is almost worse than pushing, and eventually holding it IS worse than pushing. I was on oxygen and the little guy’s heart rate was dropping every time I pushed. A vacuum was mentioned previously, and near the fourth hour I begged them to use it. He was so low and it was so painful to push I knew I couldn’t let them give me a C-section, so I pushed with all my might…

Started pitocin at 9:30 am, got an epidural at 9 cm (!!), and after 4 hours of pushing, sweet Baby M. came into this world weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce. He is beautiful and perfect, and we are in love.
…and Baby M. came screaming into this world. My eyes were closed, but I heard that he practically flew out of me, arms akimbo. I opened my eyes right as he came towards my chest and fell 100% in love instantly, and started talking to him immediately (Josh was sobbing).

“You’re going to learn very soon son,” I murmured into his perfect ear, “That the family motto is, “Nothing comes easy for us”.”

Pops with his very first grandchild.
I had a second-degree tear from pushing my 8 pound, one ounce son out of my body, which required stitches. After a little while we called all the grandparents in, who had shown up at the hospital without our prompting and had been waiting in the waiting room while I labored for who knows how long.

Very happy Mumsie with her first grandchild, born one day before her birthday.
Baby M. was born on January 10th, 2017, the day before Mumsie’s 65th birthday. For her birthday this year I had put together a book of “65 Reasons why you’re awesome”, just like I had done for my father on his 60th. I forgot to take pictures of it. Darn it. Priorities.

Simply the best.
This was around 5 in the morning, when I looked into my son’s eyes and cried over how beautiful he is.

This guy--was a pro Doula during my long labor, and already a first rate swaddler. 💙
The hospital discharged us around 5 pm the next day, and Josh’s parents are staying with us for the next two weeks to help out. Well, week now, they’ve been here for nearly a week already. It’s taken me three days to compose this blog entry!

Baby M. with great-grandma Shirley.
The great-grandparents came for a visit. He is their 6th great-grandchild.

Can't get enough.
My little man.

Father and son.
He has my monkey toes (poor kid) and my beautiful ears.

Breastfeeding watchdogs at work. They've been great with the new addition. Curious, but not too annoyed.
The dogs have been great. Curious, but not pushy. And Bear Cub is quite protective already.

Tummy time! 💕
Josh has been so good about staying up with the little guy when he has his midnight to 3 am cry fests. I feed; he walks and rocks and soothes. I can’t do a lot–everything hurts. Not to mention I threw my back out Friday at the doctor’s appointment and that didn’t help ANY thing.

Josh's parents are staying with us for two weeks while we adjust with baby. They have been wonderful.
Love this picture of Fleeta and Bob. They’ve been wonderful.

Had a nice visit from @algae13 this morning. She brought donuts!
Josh’s former boss came over for a visit. She’s a little baby crazy. She brought pasta salad, homemade chocolate cookies and donuts, mmmm.

Rooooooolls (and yeah that's a dog hair on his cheek, poor kid!).
Looking forward to not hurting any more, but in the meantime, this view helps.

But the mother and child reunion is only a motion away...
Being a mom feels very natural to me.

Maggie assumes the quesadilla begging position.
Can’t wait until I can walk the dogs again.

He inherited my long monkey toes. 🙈
So gooooood.

My life right now is just sort of hobbling around the house re-applying Tucks pads to my XL Depends, drinking lots of water and eating lactation cookies, and feeding my son whenever he gets squirrely. Not too shabby. It’s all good.

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  1. Congratulations, he is very handsome!! (he’s a he after all) Just a little tidbit about January babies, my mother’s birthday is the 27th and she will be 101yrs young! Additionally my daughter’s birthday is the 28th, 41yr for her! Hope you feel better soon, start getting some regular sleep, and ENJOY, ENJOY!!

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