Badda Bing!

Badda Bing!

Ooh I like this wig, Ru. 💖🌟✨
Hey blerg. I am still unable to watch episodes of the latest season of “Drag Race”, but I catch up on “Untucked” while I sit on the bicycle at the gym on Saturdays. Heigh ho!

Blackbird singing in the dead of night 🌳
Baby M. is unswaddled and napping in his swing for the first time in over a week. Lately he will only nap in the car seat…so I have to walk him in order to get those naps in. Not a problem, but what happens when it’s pouring rain?

I’m glad I didn’t give up on the swing quite yet. I was prepared last night to move it into the (wine-free) wine cellar and move the little bassinet into the living room. Start training that kid to nap on a flat surface (scared).

Of course I plan on easing into that, too. Incline the mattress and maybe roll a towel up to form a little U-shape under his butt…is this boring? This is boring, isn’t it. SORRY.

Maggie is very disappointed that dogs aren't supposed to have grapes. 🍇
Maaan I had a great idea for a children’s book at 3:30 this morning and now it’s gone. Maybe I need to keep a little notepad next to the bed for idea jotting.

Currently re-reading. Highly entertaining...and so much dirt! 😝
Of course, the stupid dream I had after that wherein I gobble mescalin at a rave and then spend the rest of the dream trying to find a bathroom is REAL CLEAR. Sigh.

Bear Cub pauses to gnaw on a paw while Maggie waits up.
I went back to work this week! Since I only took 3 months off, it was easy to get back into the swing of things. Not to mention I only have three patients right now, so it’s a very short work day.

Supported #vitaminangels today and got this cute friendship bracelet.
I supported “Vitamin Angels” while at the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and received this cute little friendship bracelet.

Watching me weed the backyard yesterday (while listening to Bob Marley). 💚
Here’s Goo being all serious, watching me weed yesterday while we listened to Bob Marley.

Sooo into this look (thanks @sorokairyna)💚💙🌟✨
Not my picture (I wish). Annoyingly, the babysitter who literally just started working for us THIS WEEK informed me yesterday that she’s leaving next month to go home to Columbia for an entire month. She’d be happy to babysit for “two more weeks”. UGHHHHHHH.

Luckily, another lady who applied right after I hired the current sitter was still interested in the position. She’s old enough to have two teenage daughters, loves babies and dogs, AND only lives about five minutes away. Score! Super score! We’re going to interview her next Monday night. Hopefully she will work out. I have a feeling she will.

Is that all? Really? Seems so…short. Currently we are finishing up re-watching “The Sopranos”, next we’re going to re-try “The Wire”. I haven’t painted in a week, need to get back to that! And I’ve successfully gone without dessert for the past three days in a row. GO, ME.

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