Fun Frock Friday!

Fun Frock Friday!

ice cream dress
Happy Fun Frock Friday! Here’s the overpriced sundress I paid 70+ dollars forΒ from Modcloth. As a seamstress/long time thrifter, I should not be suckered in like that, but I WAS.

ice cream dress in the yard
After I ironed it (I don’t know why but every Modcloth dress I’ve received in the mail comes thoroughly crumpled up) and let out the straps a little, I realized it’s not too short. The length is fine. Maybe it’s the style that bothers me–that short torso/full skirt style that borders on looking maternity. In any case, it grew on me, and I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer, sans cardigan, with a (fake) tan and strappy sandals.

Bear Cub wants attention
Bear Cub, who generally avoids the camera, managed to insert herself into the last couple of shots. Silly Cub.

back of ice cream dress
Tra la leeeee!

The weather forecast for the next 5 days shows 5 cloud-free yellow suns, with promises of temps 70+. YES YES YES. I plan out taking my pale ass (and two black furry asses) outside every day! Adorably, a school in Washington even had a “Sun Day” today! Do you love it or what?

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  1. There is the dress! It looks so good on you! I could have been suckered by it too, it really is cute but I think we both feel the same about $70 dresses made in god knows where by who the fuck knows who. I am swore off of Modcloth forever, I think I’m over it:) I have been loving this sun but work has kept me changed to the computer most days….SUCKAGE!!!

    • Thanks Krista. I’ll be over Modcloth soon, I’m sure. The dresses are all too short and the bathing suits are HIDEOUS–but it’s fun for me to tweet the really ugly ones. Heh.

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