Nature walkies

Nature walkies

trail Josh
Yesterday we went on our First Hike of the Year (terribly exciting). I’m amazed it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy ourselves…I’M NOT COMPLAINING, WEATHER, KEEP IT UP.

trail head
C’est moi. I didn’t “do” my hair yesterday, obviously. It requires “doing” now. If I bun/braid it, you can’t really tell that I even had a perm. I mean, two perms.

narrow path
“Paradise Valley”, a series of horse/bike/walking trails that I hadn’t been to before. It was popular, despite the absence of people in my photos.

Josh on the footbridge
Joshy on the bridge; dogs in the muck. We worked out pretty hard yesterday–he went on a 5 mile bike ride in the morning, we went on a 3.5 mile hike together, and then I jogged 2 miles on the treadmill last night. Oh plus good old Blogilates on youtube with Cassey Ho. I love doing Blogilates with Josh and hearing the horrible noises and cursing that comes out of him. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard I can’t even hold the pose!

forest ridge trail
We mostly stuck to the foot trails. 3.5 miles was a piece of cake. I regularly jog 3.5 miles now on the treadmill. I told Josh I’m about ready to do a 10K this year. I’m in better shape than I was 10 years ago, that’s for sure.

forest faces
Doing my pet peeve here: looking at the screen instead of the lens. NAUGHTY BUNNY. “Naughty bunny” is my new phrase of choice. I kind of want to get pulled over so when the cop asks me why I think he pulled me over I can answer: “Because I was being a naughty bunny?” I have issues.

foot trail
So lush. So fresh and so clean! Man, spring makes me happy.

ferny path
In one month and 15 days we’re gonna be in Kauai! The mind reels. I wonder when my modest one piece bathing suit will arrive in the mail? And Joshy’s psychedelic trunks? Can’t wait for those bad boys to get here. I’m going to force him to do a fashion show for me. HAWT.

dogs on the ground
These pets love nature.

early growth
With literally 0% effort from me, look at what already came up! Yay! I love bulbs. They’re so eeeeeasy. Josh and I planted a ton of vegetables and flowers yesterday in our little mini greenhouses. We were also planning on throwing some wildflower seeds haphazardly around the yard, for fun. Doesn’t that sound nice?

curly burly
Another shot from the first day my hair turned out curly (with the bad bangs mostly cropped out). Somehow I managed to get the bangs to look good today, an unusual feat on a Monday morning. I’m planning on writing up a positive Yelp review this evening for the hairdresser who fixed my hair. She wanted me to call her tomorrow–I’m looking forward to telling her that she did a good job! Next in Liz Maintenance: eyelash extensions? Maybe? I can’t stop thinking about them. They just make every day more glamorous, siiiggggggggh.

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