Dressing up, weight loss and cuteness

Dressing up, weight loss and cuteness

St. Patrick's Day dress
FRIIIIDAAAAYYYY! I’m so happy you are here. Here’s me on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, right before my cold hit. Still looking semi “fresh” after work. Who has time to do self portraits before work, eh? Not me, Hank McGee. This is one of my favorite vintage dresses, a cinch-y belt from Modcloth, and if you happen to be into details blogreader I also wore a white cardigan from ASOS and bronze shoes from who knows where.

St. Patrick's Day Joshy
Joshy wore this to work. His Utilitkilt fits again! Apparently all the pre-Hawaii werk we’ve been doing is paying off: WW and lots and lots of sweaty cardio. I credit all the sweaty cardio to blasting away my cold this week in 3 short days. Maybe the fish oil and Emergen-C helped too. We’ve both lost about 15 pounds since Christmas. Josh tells me only one of his co-workers has noticed/said anything about his weight loss. None of my co-workers have said anything, but I tend to gain/lose weight all over my body so 10 or 15 pounds doesn’t show that much.

However…I am starting to explore some pants in my closet that I haven’t been able to fit into for a while…SCORE. Here’s my lime-green polish against the green bedspread…because I had to.

strange brew
Joshy’s green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. He also added green food coloring to a Natty Ice with hideous results…

Joshy's green...ish beer last night. That's Kate Moss pouting over his shoulder.
Bah ha ha ha. He sure is cute though.

sister and brother
Speaking of cute, how great is this picture of Josh and his sister? I need to post it on her FB wall. This is a keeper. We had a great brunch last Sunday with her and Jerry and the kiddies. Note to self: DO THAT MORE OFTEN.

Ronia is cute
And of course sassy little Ronia, covered with red marker. The kids were great at breakfast…no meltdowns, no disasters! Ahhhhh. They grow up so quickly.

What a week. The last two weeks at work have been…a lot. Doing 5-7 hours of cognitive therapy per day can wear a girl out, lemme tell ya. I barely function when I get off of work…dog park, dinner, and then some cardio or Blogilates while we watch something mindless and/or funny. Rinse, repeat.

But never mind all that, because it’s springtime and the sun is shining! My plans for this weekend include lots of being outside in the sun sun sun. I crave it. And you, blogreader? Care to tell me what you’re up to this weekend? Can we tawwwwk?

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  1. Damn you look hot enough to BBQ!! Is that inappropriate? Weird? Well, probably both but throw some green toenails into the mix and I’ll say anything. Lucky I don’t drink huh? This is me not drinking. EEK! Well done to both of you on your tremendous weight-loss efforts you gorgeous couple and oh my how cute is the wee lassie? xoxoxoxoxoxo

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