Kauai, Day 4: Na Pali boat tour (part 1)

Kauai, Day 4: Na Pali boat tour (part 1)

photographing a photographer
Aloha blog and on with Day 4 in Kauai! We booked a four hour boat tour with Blue Dolphin Charters–starting at Port Allen, sailing along the faaaabulous Na Pali coast, and then returning back to Port Allen–with a luau buffet along the way! Mmmm.

at Port Allen
Port Allen, on the south side of Kauai. A very popular place for boat tours.

sail away
Every passenger had to strip their shoes off before climbing aboard the boat, as it was a “barefoot” cruise. The texture of the boat is a bit like sandpaper, and apparently bare feet cling to it better than shoes do.

view from the boat
Leaving Kauai behind.

farm land
The weather was beautiful that day! The color of that ocean, siiiiiigh. Oh Hawaii.

Liz in front
WERK. I bought that lovely dress at a little store near our hotel that morning, and couldn’t wait to wear it. Talk about a goddess dress–so flattering. I wanted to buy at least two more in different colors, but the rest of the dresses were patterned with stripes (boring!) and animal prints (no way) so I settled for just one. Love the colors.

Joshy on deck
Joshy dressed the part. He had a great time on this cruise–roaming all around, snapping a billion pictures, even when the boat was turbulent. He’s very at home on the sea.

leaving the island
When we first took off, we all had to remain seated, but once we were out on the sea everyone was free to roam around.

The crew served us (non-alcoholic) drinks. An Indian man sitting near me asked the crew member serving the drinks: “Will we see dolphins?”

“Yes?” the crew member replied tentatively.

“Whales?” he demanded, and then without waiting for a reply, “Sharks?”

“YES!” assured the crew member. I’m pretty sure he had to say that. Then again…

dolphin party
…look, dolphins! They were all over the place. Bottlenose, spinner–I saw some spinner dolphins spring out of the water and spin around, but they were too quick to capture with the camera. Adorable!

frisky dolphins
Dolphins are awfully cute. We also saw a few whale spouts, and lots of flying fish. No sharks, though.

first dolphin sighting
Maybe on our next trip to Hawaii we’ll swim with dolphins. That seems to be the thing to do, right?

L and J are sailing
There were a lot of nice passengers on board that offered to take photos. Other than a few extremely seasick little kids (I felt bad for them), almost all of the passengers seemed to be enjoying themselves. A drama-free boat ride!

fellow travelers
Fellow travelers on the sea.

Lizzie on deck
I badly wanted to wear my rainbow hat, but it was so ridiculously windy I knew I’d lose it, and I’m very fond of that rainbow hat. I was thankful I wore a long dress. A couple of girls wearing short dresses weren’t so lucky, and spent most of the boat ride pinned to their seats.

easy breezy
Easy, breeeeeezy!

Liz is giving Little Edie realness
“But, you see, in dealing with me the relatives didn’t know that they were dealing with a staunch character. And I tell you, if there’s anything worse than a staunch woman … S-T-A-U-N-C-H. There’s nothing worse, I’m telling you.”

My ears started to hurt after a while from the wind, so I had to pull a Little Edie and wear my sarong on my head. A couple of people snickered at me at first, but after a little while two other women did the same thing. I started a trend, sweetie darling sweetie darling!

Oh! So much more to come. Happy Memorial Day, bloggeroonies. I had to work for a couple of hours this morning, but I didn’t mind. Josh is at work now and later on we’ll be going to his grandmother’s house for a Memorial Day barbecue. It’s cloudy…but chance of precipitation is 0% for tonight, eh weather.com? LET’S HOPE SO. Hug an old person today! 

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