Bumbershoot 2014

Bumbershoot 2014

beautiful day at the Seattle Center
Bumbaclaat! Whoops, no, let me try that again. Bumbershoot! We went to Bumbershoot last Sunday. Bumbershoot is an annual 3 day music/arts/comedy festival at the Seattle Center. It costs about 70 bucks per day. The last time I had gone was 2007, my last year of drinking. Guess what? Bumbershoot was way MORE FUN sober. No, really. Like everything else.

hip hop at Bumbershoot
We saw hip hop and more hip hop and stand-up comedy including Janeane Garofalo (who is SO TINY in real life!) and my boyfriend Tom Robbins during his final final final public appearance EVER (he’s 82!?!) and pop music and post-punk music and dubstep and more.

Joshy gets down
He may be 40, but he can kick, streeeeetch, and kick!

hold me closer, tiny dancer
Joshy outdances the baby hipsters.

Kid Hops lays down the beats
We ate like pigs and then finished off the day watching one of our favorite kexp DJ’s Kid Hops playing one of the best Old Skool drum and bass sessions I’ve seen in years…and I mean, YEARS.

Kid Hops
Drum and bass music was pretty relevant to my 20’s and I was sure it was deader than dead, so it almost made me verklempt to see all the kids waving their hands around and dancing and bopping to “my” music. Mawwwww.

I had a great time, I’d totally go again! Maybe even for two whole days next time. Happy weekend.

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  1. I’m sure people think we’re lying when we tell them in all honesty that shit’s more fun sober … they get that “yeah right” look in their eye. Then we end up being the last one’s with our hands in the air at the end of the gig. I’m so happy that you two got to enjoy some awesome music with the young ‘uns (haaa!) Actually, last year my eldest, Max, took me to Big Day Out to see RHCP and I asked him if we were meeting up with his mates: “No, so-and-so’s just had a baby, and thingy’s married now”… you get the picture. Oh blah, blah fucking BLAH why do people get so god damn boring? You two a bloody awesome. xoxoxooxox

  2. I WANT to believe everything is more fun sober, but I’m having a hard time with that. How long did it take for you to get there?? I went to a “silent disko” event yesterday, and didn’t realize it was byob, and I did NOT have more fun sober. At all. But I like hearing that it is possible to have fun sober.

    • I guess it took awhile. I didn’t get sober until just after I turned 28, but when I made the final decision, I was REALLY done. So there was just no other choice. I’m sure at the time I thought, how can you camp/dance/karaoke/… without booze? But not only is it possible, it’s just so much better. My life improved immeasurably after I quit drinking. Everyone at work noticed it. I lost weight, got happy, got a life. So yeah, dancing to drum and bass is even better without being sloppy and gross and literally falling on people. Ugh, I’m so glad I quit drinking!

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