Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather

Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather

Hey gurl heyyyyy. Are you watching Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? This week I was crushing on Violet, who insists she has the smallest waist of any Drag Race contestant EVAH. She is adorbs.

Today I asked the Magic 8 ball at work if Josh loved me and it said “Don’t count on it” and I asked if Maggie loved me and it said “Yes” and I asked if I should eat 3 ice cream sandwiches today (like I did yesterday) and it said “Yes“. SO! There.

Look at all the pretty pretties coming up in our front yard!

One of our housewarming party guests gave us these orchids. I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep them alive?

Saturday’s walkies. It was a beautiful weekend.

I enjoyed the colorful display on my windshield at the car wash. Is it Art?

Speaking of Art, I FINALLY own a Velvet Underground cd, my goodness, I don’t know why it took me so long. I figured I should start from the beginning. I really enjoy “Venus in Furs”:

It’s real nice.

View outside the parlor window. It’s so pretty around here.

Signs of spring, all around.

Doggy art at our new vet’s office. Maggie charmed everyone, of course. She LOVES going to the vet–she’s a social butterfly!

Into this skirt, “Elle” magazine. Not for 800 bucks, though.

Current nail situation.

Not much going ’round here, kids. I re-joined Weight Watchers, as it seems my ability to LOSE weight has um…stalled. Stopped? Yup. We finished “Friends” last night. I discovered my local library over the weekend. That’s all for now!

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